Field Day

We spent the day at the park today while Jeffrey participated in Field Day with our homeschool group. Bennett played with other kids and by himself and I got to hang out with friends. It was a good day. It did make me wonder if I can handle Bennett getting older. I already have one kid who’s smarter than he should be. I don’t need another one.

We all packed picnic lunches and on the way out the door, I grabbed two plastic spoons because that box was the easiest to get to. Spreading peanut butter with spoons is not the easiest thing. That would be why I use a knife at home. When you’re sitting on a blanket making sandwiches at the park, you wing it. Bennett saw I was having trouble with the spoon and asked, “Why you not bring knife?” *Sigh* Because I didn’t let the 2-year-old pack the cooler?

By the time we ate lunch, we had been there for a couple of hours. (No, it didn’t take me that long to spread the peanut butter.) While we were eating, Bennett kept asking, “Go bye-bye now?” Once, he asked just as I took a bite. Without thinking, I said, “No, we’re not leaving right now.” Immediately, he said, “Don’t talk food in your mouth.” I almost choked laughing. I’m never going to survive raising these kids.

I only got a couple of pictures of Jeffrey. I forgot to take the real camera. (Hey, I did good to remember to grab something to spread the peanut butter and jelly. Even if Bennett didn’t approve.) My phone isn’t good for action shots because of the 5-second delay. These are from the “Blind Man” (or something like that) obstacle course. One child was blindfolded and his partner guided him through the course by telling him which way to go.