Do You Know What This Is?

The boys found this in the yard yesterday. I was inside in the kitchen when the boys ran inside with Jeffrey telling Bennett to drop everything at the door and wash his hands immediately! Jeffrey can be dramatic and overly-cautious, so I wasn’t alarmed. When they came back from the bathroom, Jeffrey told me they had found something round and yellow with something inside it “like a sea urchin”. “Do you think it’s some kind of fungus?” he asked me. “We really need a wildlife guide,” he told me. Who needs a wildlife guide when you have the internet?

We’ve never seen anything like this. I posted a bad picture on facebook and a friend said it’s a seed pod. She’s an outdoorsy chick, so I’m sure she’s right. We just can’t agree on what kind.

We have an over-abundance of trees in our yard, but in the eight years we’ve lived here, we haven’t found one of these. We’re in Georgia, if that helps.

It was round before they broke it open.

Not a very good picture, but this is the outside of it.