Does Breastfeeding Equal Nudity?

I don’t have time to read all the fabulous blog posts written by my friends, but sometimes something catches my eye and I have to go check it out. This morning, I saw a post written by my friend Jen at The Path Less Taken about a new law in a Georgia city. Jen doesn’t live in Georgia, so that was the first thing that caught my attention. You know when news stories are so bad that people across the country are writing about them, it’s not going to end well.

Then I read the post and the news piece that inspired it and I was really excited. Because now that the City of Forest Park has rid us of those dangerous nursing mothers, maybe their next move will be to outlaw low-riders. Because very few things offend my eyes more than seeing another female’s underwear and/or butt crack when she sits down/bends over/breaths. And can we pass a law that regulates how low-cut a woman’s shirt can be? Because some women have enough cleavage to lose a small child in, and I’m happy for them, but I don’t really want to see every inch of it. If we’re going to “control nudity”, let’s go all the way.

Breasts were made to feed babies, people; get over yourselves. I’ve never seen a mother breastfeeding in public who just “whips it out” for everyone to see. Nursing moms are more covered than most women out in public every day. Bikinis, tank tops, short skirts and shorts… these commonly worn items reveal more of a woman’s body than breastfeeding does and I don’t see anyone running to regulate these items.

If you’re on Facebook, there is a petition available to sign. It’s very well-written. The word “moron” isn’t even mentioned once. You can find the petition here.