I babysat my 11-month-old grandson this morning. (Yes, I have my own 2-year-old. I also have three grown step-kids.) We had fun, and Evan is a sweetheart, but I did congratulate myself on my (completely unplanned) spacing of my kids. So Jeffrey was always old enough to help with Bennett. See, when the kids are old enough to help, it all goes much smoother.  And both boys helped me with Evan. Like when Evan threw his sippy-cup and there were drops of milk on the floor. I got a paper towel while Jeffrey gave the cup back, then Bennett used the paper towel to wipe up the milk. Well, he was already closer to the floor than I was.

Bennett was a little jealous. Most of the time, I just let Evan crawl around and play, but a couple of times I had to pick him up. Oh my. Then it was, “Mama, carry me.” Except that Bennett weighs almost 40 pounds and Evan weighs 5. Okay, he weighs more than that, but he’s still much lighter than Bennett. So I just sat down and let Bennett sit in my lap.

I suspect jealousy also had something to do with the fact that he suddenly had to go potty while I was changing Evan’s diaper. Changing a little guy was different. It was a little odd working with those tiny diapers again. Bennett is in a size 6 and he barely fits in those. I also had to remind myself to have the clean diaper handy before I took the first one off. Bennett is past the fountain stage, but I couldn’t remember at what age he stopped. I had also forgotten that trying to dress a baby is like juggling jello.

Most of the time, though, all three boys played quite happily together. It was really sweet watching Bennett bring Evan toys to play with. We did have some communication problems, such as when Evan was jabbering and Bennett’s response was, “What you saying?” So much for Jeffrey’s theory that all babies can understand each other.