Jack’s Rules of Hide and Seek

A few kid things today…

Jack was explaining the “rules of hide and seek” to Blake this morning.
For Hiders
1. Don’t tell everyone where you’re hiding. (Blake likes to announce his location.)
2. Don’t just curl up somewhere. Just because you can’t see someone doesn’t mean they can’t see you.
3. If you’re not sure if you can hide somewhere, ask somebody. (The “somebody” could possibly be your pet sea turtle, but I may have misunderstood.)
For Seekers
4. You have to count all the way to 10. (I’m assuming Blake was skipping numbers along the way.)
5. You can’t look for someone where they wouldn’t be. (Like in the trash can.)
6. Don’t accidentally sit on someone who might be hiding under a chair. (If you knew my children, you wouldn’t even wonder.)
7. If you’re looking for a really weird person, you can ignore Rule #5.

Apparently Jack was following all the Hiding rules because a few minutes later, Bennett came to me almost in tears because, “I think me lost Jack.”

He had me “lost” last night. We were in bed, reading, when he said, “I put my foot under me so I not leak in the bed.” First I had to figure out that “foot” wasn’t “book” and “leak” wasn’t “sleep” or “read”. Even after deciphering that, it still didn’t make sense. Still doesn’t, partly because it’s been a long time since his diaper leaked while he was sleeping. And partly because that’s just weird.

Like most toddlers, he’s curious about everything. He has a pretty good grasp on numbers and letters, but he’ll still point to them sometimes and ask, “What it called?” He also asks about just about everything else he sees. At least he doesn’t ask, “What kind of two?”