It’s Official. I’m a Prude.

I had something totally different planned for today’s post, but the thunder convinced me to turn my computer off, so I’m taking a detour.

I’ve written twice before about how annoying I find today’s immodest “fashions”.  I figure a third time makes me either obsessed or a prude. Or both. (You can see the other two posts here and here.)

The boys and I were in the grocery store this afternoon and there were two young couples there. Late teens or early twenties. At my age, it’s hard to tell. One of the girls had on a cute t-shirt and denim cut-offs. The other girl had on shorts and a bikini top. No shirt.

A bikini is for the beach, the pool, your backyard. I’m not aware of any circumstances that make it appropriate to wear a bikini to Kroger. But that’s just me.

Rant over. For now.


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