Playin’ With the Blog

I had a few minutes today between baking and cutting cheese into little cubes for Jeffrey’s Yay! It’s Summer! Party, so I thought I’d mess with some stuff on my blog that I’ve been meaning to get to.

I changed the template, which not only brings a little more color to the blog, but finally fixed the Popular Posts section so that you can actually see all the words. Yay! That’s been bugging me for a while.

I was getting tired of not being able to log into Google to comment on other blogs. Actually, I was already logged in, but when I tried to post using my Google ID, I’d get bumped to a log in screen. So I’d log in and get sent right back to the comment screen where my comment would be sitting there patiently waiting for me. But when I hit Submit, I’d get the log in screen again. After three or four tries, I finally gave up. When entering a contest, I would go the Name/URL route, which was annoying and frustrating. You can also adjust your privacy settings so that your computer accepts all third-party cookies – not a good plan. So I decided to check today to see if I had some kind of privacy setting turned on or something. Checking Blogger Help, I discovered that it’s not just me and there are no indications that Google/Blogger are working on it.

It’s an easy fix, though. If you’re using Blogger, and you don’t want to drive your readers crazy, you’ll need to make sure your comment settings are not set on “Embedded below post”. Either “Pop-up window” or “Full page” will allow users to comment with no problems. For some reason, I had one blog set on embedded below post and the other two on full page. So I fixed that.

Another tweak that I found but didn’t want to mess with today was numbering comments. If you hold giveaways on your blog, numbered posts are wonderful. Most of the posts I found pointed back to The Computery. So if you want numbered comments, give that a shot. I might get around to it… one day. Or just wait and hope Blogger eventually adds the feature.

Now I’m off to eat hamburgers and cookies and S’mores. Happy Summer!