Trip to the Pet Store

I had to make a trip to Target today and I’m not sure how it came up, but Bennett and I ended up heading over to PetSmart afterward.

Today was adoption day so there cats and kittens and sweet dogs and puppies. I explained to Bennett that they were all there because they didn’t have homes. There was a lot of “He’s so tiny!” and “He looks silly!” and “They sleeping,” but he wasn’t scared of the poor dog that was barking to get attention, which was a concern. Sometimes he’s scared of dogs, sometimes he’s not. I figured the last thing those animals need is some kid freaking out. But it was all good.

I finally told him we had to go look at something else because seeing all those sweet animals was making me sad. So we went to check out the birds. I’m still trying to figure out why the Rare Parakeets are the price as all the other parakeets. If they were truly rare, wouldn’t they be more expensive?

Then over to the rodents. Ick. Then fish. The boy likes looking at fish. When I finally got him away from the fish, it was over to the reptiles. There weren’t many of those. Then back to the rats and birds. He kept telling me, “I almost done.” LOL

He wanted to go see the “pets” again, so back we went. “They don’t have homes?” he asked. “No, they don’t have homes… Are you done looking?” “No, I not done.” “Do you want to go home and eat?” “I done.”

As we were walikng out, he called out, “Bye, pets. I’ll miss you.” My sweet boy. As if I didn’t already want to take all of them home.


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