What That?

Do you ever feel like you’re spinning in circles when talking to a toddler? I was fixing chicken tenders and Bennett wanted to know what I was doing.

B: What that?
Me: Chicken tenders.
B: I like chicken tenders… I hate chicken tenders.
Me: I know.
B: What that?
Me: Flour and salt and pepper.
B: Why?
Me: To make the chicken taste good.
B: Why you cover them up? To make them warm?
Me: No, this doesn’t make them warm. It’s just flour. The oven will make them warm, though.
B: What that?
Me: Flour.
B: What that?
Me: Flour. Why do you keep asking me the same question?
B: I don’t know… I like chicken.

I’m tired. Is it bedtime yet?