My Boys

You know how sometimes the kids are arguing and fussing and you spend a second or two wondering why you thought it would be a good idea to have more than one child? That didn’t happen last night. Instead, I had one of those sweet moments when you can only be proud of your kids and know they’ll look back and remember the good times together.

Jeffrey turned on the Wii and of course Bennett wanted to play. One of the controllers had a dead battery. Jeffrey had been trying to get one of us to perform the minor surgery involved in replacing the batteries in a Wii remote, but he decided suddenly that dead batteries were a good thing. I had turned my brain off for the night and was only halfway paying attention to what they were doing. They were playing Mario Kart and I could see them both in the playroom, sitting side-by-side on the little couch, steering as if their lives depended on it.

Then Jeffrey yelled, “Bennett got fourth place! I got twelfth!” Sadly, that’s pretty typical of Jeffrey’s finishes in Mario Kart. Give him a character game like Lego Indiana Jones and he can beat it in two days (or less), but racing games aren’t his thing. So I really didn’t think much about it. I figured Bennett’s finish was just a fluke. After the third time Jeffrey exclaimed over Bennett’s brilliant finish and made sure Bennett knew what a great player he is, Jeffrey came over and whispered to me that Bennett wasn’t actually playing; the batteries were dead. Bennett thought he was playing (and winning), Jeffrey was able to play his game without interference from his little brother (because he already had enough people trying to run over him), and they were having a blast together. It was very sweet.

Of course, at some point, Bennett is going to realize he’s not really playing, but I’ll let Jeffrey deal with that when it happens. They don’t really play the Wii often enough for it to be an issue.