Lights on when raining

I don’t think this is a difficult concept, but apparently, it’s more complicated than I think. Several states even have laws that state that if you’re running your windshield wipers, your lights are supposed to be on. Yes, I understand you can see everything and everyone…but has it occurred to you that maybe everyone can’t see your car in the rain and road mist? Same concept applies to dusk. Then again, the people who don’t turn their lights on are probably the same ones who don’t use their turn signals, so maybe they’re just looking for a new car…

3 thoughts on “Lights on when raining

  1. My car has those, but unless it’s dark, they won’t come on. When it’s raining, it’s not always dark enough for the sensor to trigger. I have been known to throw a piece of paper over the sensor. Sure I could just turn the lights on, but then I would have to remember to turn them off, and I’m used to the auto lights now.

  2. A truly wonderful automotive development are lights that come on automatically. The only problem is that if I ever have to drive someone’s car without them I’m afraid I’ll forget all about turning on (or off!) the lights.

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