Best Time to buy plane tickets

Unfortunately, the article is not on the website, but the print magazine of Parent & Child magazine recently ran a great article on travel savings. I am copying part of it here because I think we can all use any money-saving advice we can get. The article was written by Peter Greenburg, travel editor for NBC’s Today and author of The Complete Travel Detective Bible.

“The best time to purchase tickets is from about midnight on a Tuesday night until about two in the morning on Wednesday in the time zone where the airline is based. Why? Fare wars usually start late Friday night; airlines battle it out over the weekend. By late Monday, the fare-cutting is over, and many people have booked flights but not purchased them. Lots of those people never follow through with the purchasing, and those unpurchased discount tickets expire at midnight. Then they flood back into the system right after midnight on Tuesday, ripe for the picking.”