Misc baby stuff

I was at a bridal shower for my stepson’s fiancee last weekend and one of M’s friend’s had her adorable 11-month-old girl with her. She kept rotating her little feet, both at the same time, in opposite directions. It was so cute. Her mom said she does that all the time. “I think she even did it when she was in my stomach.” Since I had something shoved into my ribs at the time, I could totally relate. I haven’t gotten very big, although according to my dr, everything “measures” exactly right. I’m almost 31 weeks, and I’m still not even “round”, and I still have my belly button (although I don’t think that will last much longer). So apparently, instead of going OUT, everything is going UP. However, there is no more up. So out should be starting any day now. I read somewhere and was even told by a midwife that after about 28 weeks, babies don’t move around as much because they don’t have the room. Someone should tell the babies that. Not only is he moving as much – if not more- than before, he’s actually started kicking now. Maybe he was kicking before and he just had more room….there’s a thought.

Jack keeps telling me I’m going to get fat. I sure hope so. Maybe then I can sit down without someone’s bottom in my ribs.

My dr actually asked me at my visit Thursday if I’m eating — only when I’m awake — and if I’m exercising — you’re kidding, right? Apparently she was concerned that I haven’t gained enough weight…. until I reminded her that the weight they have on file is from 19 weeks, not from the beginning of the pregnancy. At least I wasn’t one of those women who didn’t know she was pregnant until she went into labor….