700 Channels and Nothing To Watch

I don’t watch much TV anymore. I’m not anti-TV; there’s just not much on these days that I want to take the time to sit down and watch. There seems to be a channel for everything these days, but I’m not sure why when they have to air an episode 30 times in a month to fill air time. Have you ever had this experience: You only catch a certain show every few weeks or even months, but when you do, it’s the same episode you saw last time?

And now the networks are just inventing shows to fill air time that have nothing to do with the alleged premise of each network. Cartoon Network started a couple of years ago showing cartoons geared toward adults at night, so that’s one less channel kids can watch when staying up late. Now Cartoon Network is showing live-action movies. They may all be perfectly suitable for kids, but what happened to the Cartoon Network?

Then there’s the off-shoot of Cartoon Network: Boomerang. We used to love this channel. J is 47 and I’m 32 and we loved that we could watch shows that were on when we were kids, and even before. Jack’s 6 and even he has always enjoyed Boomerang. (Not every show, of course, but in general.) Recently, they’ve moved to showing cartoons from the 90s, and even shows that are still airing new episodes, such as What’s New, Scooby-Doo?. WNSD is a cool show, but what’s it doing on Boomerang? Then they have all these idiotic shorts that are new and were written for Boomerang. J and I don’t like them, and even Jack thinks they’re stupid and would rather see shorts from old shows. (Yes, my son knows what “shorts” are. See? A mini-history lesson.) One good thing about Boomerang is that they don’t show product commercials.

Speaking of history, have you watched the History Channel lately? What do Ax Men and Ice Road Truckers have to do with history? The websites say that each show is about the history of these professions. Um, no. I’ve only watched a few minutes of AM, but it was mostly a bunch of guys cussing. I’m pretty sure the history of logging could be covered in one one-hour special. I have watched several episodes of IRT. (No, I don’t know why). I haven’t seen any history on this show. It’s a documentary, ride-along style with a group of truckers who have an extraordinary job, but it would be better suited to the Discovery Channel. (Or the Trucker Channel. I’m sure there is one.)

I liked TV better when I was a kid and we had the TV where you had to use the pliers to change the channel to one of the other two channels. Okay, maybe the pliers weren’t fun, but the shows were better.


Real wisdom is not the knowledge of everything, but the knowledge of which things in life are necessary, which are less necessary, and which are completely unnecessary to know.
~ Leo Tolstoy


This has been niggling at me since I wrote my post yesterday. My *weight* has never really bothered me. It’s that I’m sensitive about what I look like. The mirror bothers me much more than the scale. I’m not one of those women who is comfortable wearing a dress that shows a belly “bump” even if you’re not pregnant. Or wearing little tops with jeans or shorts that show that same bump in living color. I just don’t have that kind of confidence. I used to walk A LOT, but then Jack outgrew his stroller and he isn’t comfortable on a bike, so with my husband’s work schedule, I really can’t go walking anymore. I walk faster than Jack can keep up and for too long . (He’s 6. Five minutes is too long.)

So, while walking is really the only thing I’ve ever been able to do consistently, and what I always go back to, after the baby comes, I’ll start back with yoga & Pilates. At least I’ll be doing *something.* And Jack enjoys yoga, too. I finally got him to stop climbing on my back when I do “downward-facing dog”. (Is that what it’s called?)

I did it!

I finally got my email inbox cleaned out! I still have 216 *read* emails that I am saving for one reason or another. I use gmail (from Google) and they have these handy labels you can assign to your emails and an archive function to get them out of the way, but if I archive them, how will I remember later that I have them? They’re not about any certain subject that I would be apt to look up at a later date. I guess I’ll just leave them as they are for now. Maybe in a few months, I won’t need some of them and I can delete them. Now I’m less likely to miss important up-do-date emails, so I feel like I have really accomplished something.

More frustration

I’m almost hyperventilating at the thought of posting this on my blog where anyone can see it, but I need to make a point. (I’ve always been sensitive about my weight- though I’ve never been overweight OR anorexic or bulimic).
This is me with 18 days to go till my due date. My “waist” is only 40″ around. So I’m a lot smaller than most people are used to seeing. I’m so sick of people (read “other women”) assuming that because I’m small, I can’t possibly be uncomfortable. Hello? Maybe I’m uncomfortable BECAUSE I’m small. The baby has nowhere to go. I’m healthy and the baby is healthy, so I’m aware that we’re blessed while others aren’t. That doesn’t make *right now* any easier.
Jack came at 35 weeks (surprise! not a baby item in the house yet) and was 6# 2 oz. On his due date, he was only 7# & 2 or 3 oz. I’m pretty sure this baby is going to be bigger than he was, which really isn’t helping matters. With Jack, I never got the point where I was really uncomfortable (I was small with him, too) or tired of being pregnant. This time, I was already done by 31 or 32 weeks.
I think I’m through venting now. Maybe now I won’t hit the next person who tells me I can’t be uncomfortable because I’m so small.

Embarrassing Things Kids Say

Okay. It was cute, and if we hadn’t been with family, it would have been embarrassing.
Sunday, we were at G & M’s for Father’s Day. Her mom, dad & brother were there, too. J’s dad had given J a CD of all the pictures he took at the wedding and J loaded them on G’s computer. So for an hour or so, we all cycled through the spare bedroom watching the wedding slide show. G, M, D, Jack & I were in there looking at the pictures & talking. Something Jack says finally filters through, “…girls have to wear those bumps.” What? Of course, we’re looking at M and her bridesmaids in their fancy dresses with trains & sashes & such, so it took a minute. None of us realized what he was talking about. We kept saying, “what bumps?” We really didn’t get it. Then he pointed to D’s chest since she was closest and said, “Those bumps.” We all laughed until we cried. I’m surprised the baby didn’t come right then.