More frustration

I’m almost hyperventilating at the thought of posting this on my blog where anyone can see it, but I need to make a point. (I’ve always been sensitive about my weight- though I’ve never been overweight OR anorexic or bulimic).
This is me with 18 days to go till my due date. My “waist” is only 40″ around. So I’m a lot smaller than most people are used to seeing. I’m so sick of people (read “other women”) assuming that because I’m small, I can’t possibly be uncomfortable. Hello? Maybe I’m uncomfortable BECAUSE I’m small. The baby has nowhere to go. I’m healthy and the baby is healthy, so I’m aware that we’re blessed while others aren’t. That doesn’t make *right now* any easier.
Jeffrey came at 35 weeks (surprise! not a baby item in the house yet) and was 6# 2 oz. On his due date, he was only 7# & 2 or 3 oz. I’m pretty sure this baby is going to be bigger than he was, which really isn’t helping matters. With Jeffrey, I never got the point where I was really uncomfortable (I was small with him, too) or tired of being pregnant. This time, I was already done by 31 or 32 weeks.
I think I’m through venting now. Maybe now I won’t hit the next person who tells me I can’t be uncomfortable because I’m so small.

3 thoughts on “More frustration

  1. This is what I hated about being pregnant – feeling uncomfortable! And waddling. I really like what Stephanie wrote – there were days I thought my ribs would break. {{{HUGS}}}

  2. Boy, some people are just inconsiderate. Size has absolutely nothing to do with being comfortable. I think some people just never learned that if you can’t say something worthwhile……be quiet. Well they weren’t quiet, so vent away!

  3. Of course you are uncomfortable!!!!

    You know what I was different with each pregnancy, although I was much bigger than you, LOL!
    Except with Jared I didn’t even look pregnant for 6 months, people didn’t believe me… I was so huge with Brenny I looked like a beached whale.
    It’s ok to vent you have legs in your ribs and a head using your bladder for a trampoline.

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