Embarrassing Things Kids Say

Okay. It was cute, and if we hadn’t been with family, it would have been embarrassing.
Sunday, we were at G & M’s for Father’s Day. Her mom, dad & brother were there, too. J’s dad had given J a CD of all the pictures he took at the wedding and J loaded them on G’s computer. So for an hour or so, we all cycled through the spare bedroom watching the wedding slide show. G, M, D, Jack & I were in there looking at the pictures & talking. Something Jack says finally filters through, “…girls have to wear those bumps.” What? Of course, we’re looking at M and her bridesmaids in their fancy dresses with trains & sashes & such, so it took a minute. None of us realized what he was talking about. We kept saying, “what bumps?” We really didn’t get it. Then he pointed to D’s chest since she was closest and said, “Those bumps.” We all laughed until we cried. I’m surprised the baby didn’t come right then.