This has been niggling at me since I wrote my post yesterday. My *weight* has never really bothered me. It’s that I’m sensitive about what I look like. The mirror bothers me much more than the scale. I’m not one of those women who is comfortable wearing a dress that shows a belly “bump” even if you’re not pregnant. Or wearing little tops with jeans or shorts that show that same bump in living color. I just don’t have that kind of confidence. I used to walk A LOT, but then Jack outgrew his stroller and he isn’t comfortable on a bike, so with my husband’s work schedule, I really can’t go walking anymore. I walk faster than Jack can keep up and for too long . (He’s 6. Five minutes is too long.)

So, while walking is really the only thing I’ve ever been able to do consistently, and what I always go back to, after the baby comes, I’ll start back with yoga & Pilates. At least I’ll be doing *something.* And Jack enjoys yoga, too. I finally got him to stop climbing on my back when I do “downward-facing dog”. (Is that what it’s called?)