Day at the museum

A couple of weeks ago, I took Jack and his nephew (the short way of saying my stepdaughter’s son) to Fernbank Natural History Museum in Atlanta. We have a family pass and Jack and I have gone there several times. He isn’t enthralled with every exhibit, but he does enjoy the museum as a whole, especially the animal & dinosaur exhibits.
T turned 6 in March, but because of various schedule conflicts, we had been unable to get together to do anything for his birthday. Jack and T have always been very close, which is weird since they only see each other every few months, and last year went over a year without seeing each other due to family circumstances. L & T lived with us until T was a year old (when Jack was 15 months old), so I guess they bonded then and now they drive L and me crazy asking when they can see each other.
So I asked L if she thought the museum was something T would enjoy. She thought he would, so off we went. Jack kept trying to show him all the “cool” stuff, but T wasn’t really interested. The museum lights are kept low in many areas and the panels that tell about the exhibits are backlit. T kept hitting the panels trying to get them to do something. Not in a damaging way. He’s not a malicious kid. And he’s very smart. He was just looking for more…excitement…interaction…something.

Jack loves the “dinosaur eggs”. T wasn’t impressed.

This display shows the migration of humans from the first humans until they settled in Georgia. Jack and I like to watch all the little lights that light up, showing the humans and advance and receding of the ice it shows. I have no idea why Jack was standing “at attention”. Again, T wasn’t impressed. I kept having to tell Jack, “It’s okay. We’ll be able to come back another time so you can see everything.”