Hello, Deer

Jack and I saw a deer in our backyard this morning. I didn’t get a picture because were busy just enjoying it. We haven’t had a deer in our yard in almost two years. We have a fenced yard, but it has three gates and we used to leave the gates open for the deer. (The big ones could jump the 4-foot chain-link, but the little ones couldn’t or wouldn’t) Two gates are in the front, one walk-thru and one drive-thru. The other gate led into what used to be overgrown woods. (Not sure why; you really couldn’t go out there. It was so overgrown, there was nowhere TO go.) Our neighborhood makes a big “U” so there were houses on the other side of the woods (which was only about an acre wide (if that much), but you couldn’t see them because the woods were so thick. Almost every day, especially in the spring, we had a herd of deer in our yard.

Then they bulldozed the woods and built a medical building and a lovely parking lot. There’s a little bit of unused (but cleared) land in the back, but they’re already planning a second building for that. So we don’t see many deer anymore. They’ve also bulldozed and built on all the woods on the other side of the highway (we live on a street, but right off a highway/main road), so there is no longer anywhere around here for deer to safely live. So I was very surprised this morning to see that deer in the yard. It was lovely to see one after so long.