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Kid Quotes (1/30)

Me: Are you sure you want to spend $30 of your money on PC Minecraft?
B: Yes. I’ve wanted it since I was an embryo.

I noticed Jack was staring at the computer screen. He was in his math program, and he doesn’t like to admit he ever needs to write anything down, so I asked, “Do you need a piece of paper?”
He replied, “No. I’m just not working.”

The boys are cleaning out the candy stash.
B: Ooh! It’s a chocolate with camel inside it!
J and I exchange a look and laugh.
J: first there’s chocolate mousse, now there’s chocolate camels.

B: I’m smarter than Jack, aren’t I? Jack is 99 smart and I’m 100 smart…No, Jack is 98 smart.

Blake at the top of the stairs, “Mama! Look at the stairs! Look at the stairs!”
I walk over so I can see the whole staircase. He’s got the Slinky at the top of the stairs, and when he sees me, he lets it go. Sideways. So it rolls down the stairs. He was so proud of himself.
I did gently ask if I could show him the “other” way. He thought that was cool, too, but “The rolling way is faster.”

When it started snowing hard, Blake said, “I can see the snow drops!”

Blake is making stuff on Minecraft. Mostly signs, apparently, because he keeps asking me how to spell things. I noticed he was putting periods in for apostrophes, and explained how to correct it. The thing is, I’ve never taught him to use apostrophes to show possession. It’s like he learned it from reading books or something!

He’s still my little boy, though. One of the words he asked me to spell was “cavern”. A few minutes ago, he was telling me about the beds in the “Captain’s cavern”. That ship must have a really big hull.

Blogathon Bash Kickoff Post #blogathon2

Biannual Blogathon BashIt actually started yesterday, but I didn’t. Start, I mean. And while I have several other big projects I need to complete this weekend, as well, I’m going to work an hour at a time, take a break, then work on a different project. No boredom, and I should finish 3-4 projects this weekend and get a big chunk of some others completed.

My goals for the Blogathon Bash are to go through all my old posts and

  • add tags to those that didn’t transfer tags from my old Blogger blog
  • change the names of my boys to the pseudonyms we’ve chosen
  • add affiliate/free product disclaimers to any posts that may be missing them. I know they may not have been required on older posts, but if I’m going to be going into all those old posts anyway, I may as well add it.

As you can see, with over 700 posts, this would take more than this weekend even if I did nothing else. It’ll get me started, though.

Here’s the official Kickoff post if you want to check it out.

Kid Quotes 1/16

J: Dr. Strange is a saucer supreme.
Me: What?
J: A saucer supreme.
Me: WHAT is a saucer supreme?
J: You know. A magic guy.
Me: A sorcerer?
J: Yeah.

B, when Scooby Doo came on: I hope it’s the one with the Free Stoogents.

B was playing Wii Golf.
“I got a pair and a boogey!”
Perhaps a little more work on the reading…
At least he’s a good golfer.

J, typing in Word: Oh! No wonder it has a green line. I have a subject, but not a predator.

B: I wish I could just explode and water would just flow out of me.
Me: Uh, why?
B: So bugs couldn’t get me.
Me: Wow. That seems kind of drastic.
J: There’s this new thing called bug spray.

The boys’ dad made hamburgers one night. He made one small one for Blake, and cut it in half. He made two larger ones for Jack. Their plates were on the table, with the burgers already on them. They always sit in the same seats, so not only were the portions much different, but the plates were already in “their” spots.
Jack: Which one is mine?
Me: What do you think?
Jack left to go to the bathroom, and B walked into the kitchen.
B: Which one is mine?
Me: Why do they keep asking that?
Dad: That one over there. (pointing at Jeffrey’s plate)
B, getting teary: Daddy! Why didn’t you cut MY hamburger?
Dad: I’m sorry. This one is yours. I did cut it.
B, smiling: Daddy, did you trick me?
I don’t go along with “tricking” them often, but really, what do you do when they walk right into it like that?

We joked at Thanksgiving that B had a turkey compartment and a dessert compartment. Now, each item on his plate has its own “department” or “apartment” (not sure if that’s dependent on his memory or on how much he likes something) and his tea “apartment” is always empty.

B, playing know the tablet: How do you spell ‘flute’?
Me: F-L-U-T-E
B: Now how do you spell ‘ninja’?
Me: Wait. Did you want to know how to spell ‘fruit’ like an apple?
B: Yeah.

B does not like “minnow cheese”. If that doesn’t mean pimento cheese, I don’t think I want to know.

A Tooth Anomaly

J yelled through the house excitedly, “Mama! Blake has a tooth anomaly!” I was expecting them to be doing something silly like putting chocolate on their teeth or something. Instead, I saw this:

2014-01-11 12.17.26

I have to admit I’m kind of sad. It’s his first loose tooth, and not only did I not know it was loose, we don’t know where it is. We assume he swallowed it. He told me a few weeks ago that his tooth was loose, but I checked and couldn’t find anything. But, then, like his big brother, he had been telling me for years that he had a loose tooth.

He’s not upset about it at all, nor is he very excited about losing his first tooth. I expect both of those are because no one has reminded him about the Tooth Fairy yet…

#myrealhouse Jan 9

Yes, it’s January 9, and the Christmas tree is still up. Also — our youngest child is five years old. The high chair is for the grandbabies, and it’s been months since one of them was over here to use it.

#myrealhouse Jan 7 Christmas tree

#myrealhouse is inspired by Kathryn at Designing Around. There is enough Mommy-guilt going around without bloggers adding to it. So we’re making an effort to “keep it real”. You can see that other families live in messy homes, just like yours. I’m using dates rather than numbering by day because I don’t post every day. If you want to join us, use the tag #myrealhouse on Pinterest or Instagram.