Blogathon Bash Kickoff Post #blogathon2

Biannual Blogathon BashIt actually started yesterday, but I didn’t. Start, I mean. And while I have several other big projects I need to complete this weekend, as well, I’m going to work an hour at a time, take a break, then work on a different project. No boredom, and I should finish 3-4 projects this weekend and get a big chunk of some others completed.

My goals for the Blogathon Bash are to go through all my old posts and

  • add tags to those that didn’t transfer tags from my old Blogger blog
  • change the names of my boys to the pseudonyms we’ve chosen
  • add affiliate/free product disclaimers to any posts that may be missing them. I know they may not have been required on older posts, but if I’m going to be going into all those old posts anyway, I may as well add it.

As you can see, with over 700 posts, this would take more than this weekend even if I did nothing else. It’ll get me started, though.

Here’s the official Kickoff post if you want to check it out.