A Tooth Anomaly

J yelled through the house excitedly, “Mama! Blake has a tooth anomaly!” I was expecting them to be doing something silly like putting chocolate on their teeth or something. Instead, I saw this:

2014-01-11 12.17.26

I have to admit I’m kind of sad. It’s his first loose tooth, and not only did I not know it was loose, we don’t know where it is. We assume he swallowed it. He told me a few weeks ago that his tooth was loose, but I checked and couldn’t find anything. But, then, like his big brother, he had been telling me for years that he had a loose tooth.

He’s not upset about it at all, nor is he very excited about losing his first tooth. I expect both of those are because no one has reminded him about the Tooth Fairy yet…

One thought on “A Tooth Anomaly

  1. The same thing happened to our Amelia. Suddenly one afternoon Amelia came to us to tell us she had a hole in her teeth (or maybe it was mouth). We looked and saw she was missing her tooth. The only thing we can figure is it came out while she was eating her apple at lunch and she swallowed it. We don’t do the toothfairy though, so daddy just gave her some money for it anyway.

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