Kid Quotes (1/30)

Me: Are you sure you want to spend $30 of your money on PC Minecraft?
B: Yes. I’ve wanted it since I was an embryo.

I noticed Jack was staring at the computer screen. He was in his math program, and he doesn’t like to admit he ever needs to write anything down, so I asked, “Do you need a piece of paper?”
He replied, “No. I’m just not working.”

The boys are cleaning out the candy stash.
B: Ooh! It’s a chocolate with camel inside it!
J and I exchange a look and laugh.
J: first there’s chocolate mousse, now there’s chocolate camels.

B: I’m smarter than Jack, aren’t I? Jack is 99 smart and I’m 100 smart…No, Jack is 98 smart.

Blake at the top of the stairs, “Mama! Look at the stairs! Look at the stairs!”
I walk over so I can see the whole staircase. He’s got the Slinky at the top of the stairs, and when he sees me, he lets it go. Sideways. So it rolls down the stairs. He was so proud of himself.
I did gently ask if I could show him the “other” way. He thought that was cool, too, but “The rolling way is faster.”

When it started snowing hard, Blake said, “I can see the snow drops!”

Blake is making stuff on Minecraft. Mostly signs, apparently, because he keeps asking me how to spell things. I noticed he was putting periods in for apostrophes, and explained how to correct it. The thing is, I’ve never taught him to use apostrophes to show possession. It’s like he learned it from reading books or something!

He’s still my little boy, though. One of the words he asked me to spell was “cavern”. A few minutes ago, he was telling me about the beds in the “Captain’s cavern”. That ship must have a really big hull.