Kid Quotes (9/23)

Bennett to Jeffrey: When are you going to win the schoolwork process?
Process? What? Where do they get this stuff?

The boys had applesauce for a snack last night. As he was going to sleep, Bennett told me he needed more to eat. “I only had eight pounces of applesauce. I should have had eleven pounces. Then I wouldn’t be hungry.”

The boys were playing a Batman video game when Bennett said something about “Goblin City”. Sometime during a video game, Jeffrey said that B doesn’t have good hand-eye coordination. Bennett responded by assuring us he had good “nitornination”. Continue reading

Author Interview: Liss Thomas

Liss Thomas was born and raised in Georgia without inheriting a Southern accent. Now she travels with her husband’s job across the country. She started writing a few years ago after having a vivid, grape soda-induced dream! That lead to a 75K manuscript and a new obsession to write fun fiction.

Coke or Pepsi?
Coke, Actually used to work for the company.

If your book became a movie, who would you cast?
My 15 female lead, Missy would be Elle Fanning and my male lead would be Ben Barnes, at least in human form *wicked smile* Continue reading

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