Kid Quotes (9/23)

Bennett to Jeffrey: When are you going to win the schoolwork process?
Process? What? Where do they get this stuff?

The boys had applesauce for a snack last night. As he was going to sleep, Bennett told me he needed more to eat. “I only had eight pounces of applesauce. I should have had eleven pounces. Then I wouldn’t be hungry.”

The boys were playing a Batman video game when Bennett said something about “Goblin City”. Sometime during a video game, Jeffrey said that B doesn’t have good hand-eye coordination. Bennett responded by assuring us he had good “nitornination”.

Jeffrey: Wouldn’t you be rich if you had a google quarters?
Me: Uh, well, I guess. You’d have a quarter google dollars.

I got onto Bennett for licking Jeffrey.
B: I didn’t lick him. I just feeled him.
Me: With your tongue. That’s licking.

Bennett was asking me for help yesterday.
“I need to find Plingy. Jeffrey borrowed it, but it’s mine.”
“I don’t know what a plingy is or where it would be.”
“It’s a Lego that sucks brain juice out of people.”
And Jeffrey informed me later, it’s Clingy.

I told Bennett we bought something when Jeffrey was little, before B was born.
“They were still working on me?”
I have no idea who “they” is supposed to be and I wasn’t brave enough to ask.

I asked Bennett what he wanted for a snack the other night, and he told me, “Exquisite dinery. Chocolate exquisite dinery.”

B has become a bit obsessed with video games. Jeffrey can take them or leave them, so most of the time, he doesn’t want to play when Bennett wants to play. Unfortunately for the little guy, he needs his big brother because B can’t read yet. Jeffrey told him yesterday, “I don’t want to.” Bennett suggested that he, “Make yourself want to.”

The City recently dug up a huge old tree in the process of doing some work on the water system. This has generated some very serious discussion in our family. Okay. Not really.
Quite honestly, I can’t even remember what the tree looked like, other than it was a big tree at an intersection by our house.
B: I wish they wouldn’t have cut down that tree. It was amazing… So that dirt used to be glass? (Referring to the big pile of dirt waiting for the pipes to be replaced.)
Me: No. Dirt was never glass.
B: GLASS. You know, that green stuff?
Me, laughing hysterically, along with Jeffrey: Oh. Grass. Yes. There used to be grass there.
B, very indignant: You guys! That is not funny!
Jeffrey and me: Yeah. It is.

Bennett: Going to sleep won’t make me un-tired. I need water.

Dressed in Jeffrey’s Superman costume left from a previous Halloween: “I’m invincible, Mama! No one can hurt me!” First, keep that attitude forever, baby. Second, you’re four. Quit using big words like “invincible”.

Yes, those are Legos. The stupid things have taken over the playroom.