A Trip to the Zoo

I’m hopelessly behind. These pictures are from our zoo visit in Arkansas. Back in June.

Bennett woke up that morning and popped up. “We’re going to the loo!”

We picked a very hot day, so most of the poor animals were hiding. There was also some major construction going on, so a few of the animals weren’t on display. Including the “libra” and the “wino”. Yeah, zebra and rhino just isn’t as much fun. Continue reading

I Have the Best Blogging Friends!

I couldn’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting a button for my sidebar that proclaims my love for indie authors. I finally thought to ask on my fabulous blogging/author group if someone had an “I love indie authors” button I could steal. (With the proper credit, of course). My lovely friend Kriss, aka Cabin Goddess, volunteered to make one for me! What do you think? Thanks, Kriss!

Reader Survey

As much as I love rambling on, I do realize that I’m not just talking to myself here. (I hope.) So I want to know what you, my readers, like and don’t like, and who you are. I’ll run the survey for the month of September. I know you’re busy, so to bribe you show my appreciation for taking a few minutes to answer my questions, I’m giving away a $5 Amazon gift card. If more than 100 readers respond, I’ll give away two $5 gift cards. You’ll have to leave your email address in order to be eligible to win. I’ll post the results during the first week in October. Continue reading