Bridge to Terabithia

I hadn’t heard much about this movie. Someone mentioned it when it came out on a homeschool Yahoo group, but not much was really said about it. I rented it for Jack from Blockbuster Online, since he really likes Zathura and Jumanji. I couldn’t remember what Bridge to Terabithia was about, but I knew it was one of those kid fantasy movies. We sat down to watch it Friday afternoon, and it’s okay. It wasn’t what I expected, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. I did NOT expect to need tissues. I don’t mind so much watching a tear-jerker by myself. But Jack was sitting there with me. Fortunately, he didn’t think anything of it. So here’s your warning: Before you watch this movie, have a box of tissues handy. I’m just glad I didn’t see it in the theater. I usually don’t even take my purse into movies, so I wouldn’t have had any tissues with me. Jack’s opinion of the movie? About twenty “That was cool!” s.

2 to 4 months

That is supposed to be the lifespan of a gnat, according to I’m not so sure. I think I have a four-year-old gnat. For some reason, there is one gnat that flies around my desk. I don’t keep or ever have any food down here. And there is nothing in my trashcan except paper. According to this site, gnats are attracted to food and damp stuff like plant soil. Perfectly logical. Which doesn’t explain what keeps this gnat coming around. The site also says that gnats lay hundreds of eggs in their lifetime and you never have just a gnat. Hmmph. Yes. I have just a gnat. My office is in the finished part of our basement, and is on the opposite end of the house from the kitchen. So, I can’t figure out where it came from, why it’s here and why there is only one. Maybe it’s The Lone Gnat….

Day at the museum

A couple of weeks ago, I took Jack and his nephew (the short way of saying my stepdaughter’s son) to Fernbank Natural History Museum in Atlanta. We have a family pass and Jack and I have gone there several times. He isn’t enthralled with every exhibit, but he does enjoy the museum as a whole, especially the animal & dinosaur exhibits.
T turned 6 in March, but because of various schedule conflicts, we had been unable to get together to do anything for his birthday. Jack and T have always been very close, which is weird since they only see each other every few months, and last year went over a year without seeing each other due to family circumstances. L & T lived with us until T was a year old (when Jack was 15 months old), so I guess they bonded then and now they drive L and me crazy asking when they can see each other.
So I asked L if she thought the museum was something T would enjoy. She thought he would, so off we went. Jack kept trying to show him all the “cool” stuff, but T wasn’t really interested. The museum lights are kept low in many areas and the panels that tell about the exhibits are backlit. T kept hitting the panels trying to get them to do something. Not in a damaging way. He’s not a malicious kid. And he’s very smart. He was just looking for more…excitement…interaction…something.

Jack loves the “dinosaur eggs”. T wasn’t impressed.

This display shows the migration of humans from the first humans until they settled in Georgia. Jack and I like to watch all the little lights that light up, showing the humans and advance and receding of the ice it shows. I have no idea why Jack was standing “at attention”. Again, T wasn’t impressed. I kept having to tell Jack, “It’s okay. We’ll be able to come back another time so you can see everything.”

Best Time to buy plane tickets

Unfortunately, the article is not on the website, but the print magazine of Parent & Child magazine recently ran a great article on travel savings. I am copying part of it here because I think we can all use any money-saving advice we can get. The article was written by Peter Greenburg, travel editor for NBC’s Today and author of The Complete Travel Detective Bible.

“The best time to purchase tickets is from about midnight on a Tuesday night until about two in the morning on Wednesday in the time zone where the airline is based. Why? Fare wars usually start late Friday night; airlines battle it out over the weekend. By late Monday, the fare-cutting is over, and many people have booked flights but not purchased them. Lots of those people never follow through with the purchasing, and those unpurchased discount tickets expire at midnight. Then they flood back into the system right after midnight on Tuesday, ripe for the picking.”

Misc baby stuff

I was at a bridal shower for my stepson’s fiancee last weekend and one of M’s friend’s had her adorable 11-month-old girl with her. She kept rotating her little feet, both at the same time, in opposite directions. It was so cute. Her mom said she does that all the time. “I think she even did it when she was in my stomach.” Since I had something shoved into my ribs at the time, I could totally relate. I haven’t gotten very big, although according to my dr, everything “measures” exactly right. I’m almost 31 weeks, and I’m still not even “round”, and I still have my belly button (although I don’t think that will last much longer). So apparently, instead of going OUT, everything is going UP. However, there is no more up. So out should be starting any day now. I read somewhere and was even told by a midwife that after about 28 weeks, babies don’t move around as much because they don’t have the room. Someone should tell the babies that. Not only is he moving as much – if not more- than before, he’s actually started kicking now. Maybe he was kicking before and he just had more room….there’s a thought.

Jack keeps telling me I’m going to get fat. I sure hope so. Maybe then I can sit down without someone’s bottom in my ribs.

My dr actually asked me at my visit Thursday if I’m eating — only when I’m awake — and if I’m exercising — you’re kidding, right? Apparently she was concerned that I haven’t gained enough weight…. until I reminded her that the weight they have on file is from 19 weeks, not from the beginning of the pregnancy. At least I wasn’t one of those women who didn’t know she was pregnant until she went into labor….