Adventures in Boo-Boos

Why are children so attached to their band-aids? I guess Jeffrey was like that, but I really don’t remember. Bennett, though, is a fanatic about his band-aids. He scraped the arch of his foot on something in the playroom more than a week ago. At first, we put a Scooby-Doo band-aid on it. The arch of the foot is not the best place for a band-aid. It only took a few hours for it to come loose. Then he freaked out. I finally talked him into letting me put a new one on. I used one of those flex things, and it stayed on much better. He didn’t want to take a shower or a bath because his band-aid would come off. (He didn’t win that one, but the band-aid stayed on, anyway. Those things are a lot tougher than when I was a kid.)

So, last Monday, when we went to the pool with our homeschool group, he wouldn’t get in the pool, because he didn’t want to get his band-aid wet. Never mind that it was already loose and flapping around. He just put his shoes back on and ran around shooting everyone with his water gun.

All week, we went through this. I replaced the band-aid two or three times, and it was a battle every time. He didn’t swim at the pool yesterday, either, although he did sit by the side while one of the older girls poured water on him. So, his band-aid still got wet. It stayed on, though (flapping all the way), even after his shower last night. The thing is, the boo-boo is gone. There is a tiny little scar there, but in a few months, you won’t even be able to see that. I even showed him some of my scars to help him understand that they don’t go away, but they don’t need band-aids anymore. He wasn’t buying it.

This morning, he woke up, and his band-aid had come off while he was sleeping. He looked at one foot, then looked at the other one, puzzled. Then back to the other foot. I cracked up. It was just so cute. He couldn’t figure out which one the band-aid had been on.

His new obsession/worry is that the bathroom is going to flood. No, I don’t know why. I took him to use the bathroom before we left for the pool yesterday, and he started crying and carrying on and I had no idea what was going on. I finally got him to calm down enough to understand what he was saying. He was afraid the bathroom was going to flood. Where does this stuff come from?

Of course, the big news is that Bennett left the house yesterday in underwear for the first time. And he stayed dry right up until he sat down at the side of the pool and let someone pour water on him. And I’m assuming all the water on his shorts was pool water.

And, apparently, he moved into the big-boy league just in time. It seems Bennett has a girlfriend. And they’re almost the same age. M is “free” and Bennett is “plee”. I don’t think M’s mom and I have to worry until they can actually talk to each other.