Sizzling Summer Readathon – Final Update

This weekend, I’ve been participating in the Sizzling Summer Readathon hosted by Once Upon a Chapter. No strenuous training involved, just a fun excuse to read. The Readathon ran all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I read some Friday morning, but I didn’t pay attention to where I started, so my page numbers actually start Friday evening.

Friday evening/Saturday:
Finished One Day – p. 316- p. 435 (119 p)
Hot, Shot, and Bothered (281 p)
Started The Great Gatsby (44p)
Total pages = 444

Saturday evening/Sunday:
Finished The Great Gatsby p. 44- p. 175 (131p.)
Angel Song (338p)
Started The Night Watchman (198p)
Today’s total = 667

Readathon total = 1,111 pages
Finished one book, read three, and started a fifth.

Some people kept up with hours, too, but I didn’t think of that, and anyway I’m always up and down getting stuff for the kids. Just keeping up with pages is much easier.

Thanks to Lisa and Stephanie at Once Upon a Chapter for putting this together!

Coming this week: Monster Review-a-thon! And boy, do I need it.