I really wasn’t planning to do a kid post again so soon, but I’m battling the playroom today and it’s taking longer than I planned so I won’t have time for my intended post.

Here’s how our day went Friday:

Jeffrey: Let’s play Parcheesi!
Bennett: I’ll get the cheese!

Jeffrey (getting ready for a shower): Where did I put my underwear?
Bennett: On your butt.

Jeffrey was working on his History Friday and the first unit is Maps and Geography. Jeffrey asked me if he had to do the lessons since he already knows how to read a map. I told him just read through it and answer the assessment questions, and since he knows it, it won’t take long. (He did end up learning a few things he didn’t know.) When Bennett brought Jeffrey the globe, J asked “Why did you bring me this?”
“Because you’re doing jography.”
Seriously? I already have one kid who’s going to be smarter than me, and now I have to deal with another one? Isn’t there a rule about that somewhere?