Mom vs. The Playroom

I cleaned up the playroom today and I almost didn’t win. More on that later. I go in and clean the playroom every couple of months. We have little bins for all the little stuff to go in, and we only get one or two tubs down at a time, but without fail, there will be a couple of pieces that don’t make it back into the tub. All those pieces start to add up, and when you add them to the bigger stuff that won’t pick itself up and jump back into the toy boxes, you end up with a big mess. I try to have them pick up, but it just takes a couple of days of being busy or distracted and suddenly you’re losing kids under the toys.

I get claustrophobic just looking at this.

One of those Pampered Chef boxes is the boys’ “imagination” box. The other one was holding all the stuff from under the sink. We had a major leak in the kitchen, so some things had to live elsewhere for a little while. The box was emptied, but never made it back to the basement.

Much better. I can breathe now.

The boys love the room like this. They come in and run around in circles and get all excited about having room to run. Unfortunately, there is still stuff to put back, so the room doesn’t stay empty.

They do have too many toys, but not as many as it seems. Those boxes on the right are full of the big stuff, so there isn’t as much as it seems. All the small stuff is in the numerous small tubs on the shelves.

Now that all the junk isn’t cluttering up the picture, you can actually see our maps. We like maps.

That rocking chair was mine when I was little. I’m amazed it’s survived this long. I put that poor chair through a lot. I was rougher on it than Jeffrey ever was.

Not quite as much running room now. BTW, remember when I said I almost didn’t win? I hit my head on that stupid shelf, not once, but TWICE. Not fun.