We’re All Great

I had something else planned for today, but I remembered a couple of things I forgot to put in yesterday’s post.

*Everything* is his “favorite”. “Pokemon my favorite movie.” Of course, so is Winnie-the-Pooh, Elmo, and Spongebob. Cookies are his favorite food. Unless he’s eating celery or chicken or grapes.

During our most recent visit with my grandma, as Bennett was hugging my grandma before we left, he said, “Bye, Grandma.” She told him, “Actually, I’m your great-grandma.” He turned around and pointed to my mom and said, “That my great-grandma, too.” Pointed at me: “That my great mama.” At Jeffrey: “That my great brother.” I pointed to my uncle and said, “And he’s your great-uncle.” The only response was a blank stare. I think we over-loaded him.

When Jeffrey was little, he used to say, “Air came out my hiney.” Bennett says, “My butt burped.” I’ll let you figure out what they’re talking about.