Testing… Is This Thing On?

I’ve decided to post something on this blog everyday for a year. Please stand by while I have a panic attack… I’m okay now.
Every post won’t be long or important. They probably won’t even be funny. There’s some pretty funny stuff in my head, but it doesn’t always translate well to normal people. I may post a new recipe I want to share, a book review, stories about my family, maybe even just a picture sometimes. I just want to get into the habit of posting everyday (and hopefully improve my writing in the process). Maybe if I get all the extra stuff out that’s floating around in my head, I can be less scattered and more productive. Maybe I can even be funny somewhere other than inside my head.
So I’m trying the email function in Blogger, because there are times when it’s easier for me to do something on my phone than on the computer. If you can see this, we’ll assume it worked.
If you’re wondering about my two other blogs, I haven’t abandoned them. My commitment to them is one post a week for now. I will certainly post more there if I have something to say, but this is my personal (very random) blog and those are more specific blogs that deserve thought-out, researched-when-necessary posts.


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