We made cookies today. It was a huge mess, but it was worth it. The boys had a blast. It’s one of those times that makes a mom wish she had recorded the whole thing to watch 20 years from now.

So that’s how you do it…

Jeffrey: This is great! I would rather do this than get all the Pokemon games for free!… Oh. Well, maybe not.

My turn!

I have a box full of cookie cutters. They were choosing the ones they wanted to use today.
Jeffrey: A snowman!
Bennett: Happy birthday!
Apparently, this particular cookie cutter is Frosty.

Watching really isn’t as much fun.

After all the sprinkles were gone:
Bennett: I used them all?
Me: Yep. They’re all gone.
Bennett: That my job.

I’ve… got… this… one
(We eventually thought to put him on a chair)

This decorating thing looks complicated.

Bennett wanted to put a spot of red on everything. Jeffrey had a different color scheme in mind.

No red on the T-rex!

I wish this one weren’t so dark. Maybe you can still see how hard he’s concentrating. He took his decorating very seriously.

Me help! Me help!

Grrr… He’s a pretty intense kid. LOL

Our first batch of Bennett-decorated cookies

So how do they taste, boys?