Kid Quotes (3/23)

B: There’s my cough again. I have no idea what’s triggering it.
Dude. You’re six.

We had BBQ chicken for supper. Someone said something about sauce on their hands or the mess or something.
B: That’s because Jack and Daddy use their hands. Like pigs.
J: Pigs don’t have hands.
B: Then how do they catch their prey?

J: I poured too much salsa.
B: How much did you pour?
J: Enough and a half.

Blake asked for a new Minecraft mod. Even after trying different versions, I couldn’t get it to work.
B, with his little lip quivering: But I really wanted that mod.
Me: We’ll try again in a couple of months. Sometimes they’ll update something and it’ll work.
B: Okay. I guess we have to wait until January.
Me: I think we can try again before then.

B: How do you spell “frew?”
Me: Uh…
B: Like “If you go frew this door…”
Is is wrong to not want him to grow out of his speech issues when it’s this cute?

B: March has 31 days, right?
Me: Yes.
B: But it has more in Leap Year?
Me: No. February is the only month that gets an extra day.
B: Why does February only have 28 days? Is it so we get to December faster?

First thing out of Blake’s mouth when he woke up this morning: I learned something. A light flickering in a room in a horror movie is NEVER good. Unless it’s just someone standing in the room turning a flashlight on and off. But that doesn’t really make sense, so no one would probably do that. Unless they turned it on to see if it worked, and said, “Hey, cool! It works!” And kept turning it off and on to see if still works.

B: Is a beacon a real thing?
Me: Yes. It’s like a signal.
B: So if you’re in the city of the undead and you’re lost, you can send up a beacon and get help?
Me: Uh, that’s not the typical usage, but, yeah.

Somehow Blake started in on pores and sweating. After some discussion:
B: So water comes out the holes?
Me: Basically.
B: So you have to pee less.
Me: Um, not exactly.
B: But water comes out, so you have to pee less.

We’re downstairs watching The Hobbit. Blake was upstairs and came down to tell me he was hungry. His dad is upstairs. In his chair. Right beside the kitchen door.
B: I’m hungry.
J: Get Daddy.
Me, at the same time: Where’s your daddy?
B: Daddy’s asleep. You’re not supposed to wake someone up in case it’s an emergency.
Me: Unless it’s an emergency?
B: Yeah. That.

Bilbo was trading riddles with Gollum.
Blake: It’s not really fair because Gollum has two people. Gollum and Beagle.
I didn’t catch what he said at first, but Jack laughed.
Blake: No…Bagel.
Keep working on it, son.