Kid Quotes

Bennett woke up for a few seconds early this morning, just long enough to ask, “When I grow up, will I be Jeffrey’s big brother?”
“No, honey. You’ll always be the baby.”
“I’m not a baby.”
“I know. But you’re the youngest , so you’ll always be the baby.” (The boys have three older half-siblings.)
His only response was to snuggle up to me and go back to sleep.

Later, I had to wake him up. As he’s lying there trying to not wake up, his eyes stuck in the closed position, he tells me, “I’m not bleepy [sleepy].”
“I can see that. Is that why you can’t open your eyes?”

For some reason, he has decided that when we’re driving, we’re racing. He always says, “We’re winning, Mama!” Even when all the other cars are passing us. The only time “We’re not winning” is when we’re stopped.

I have nothing to add to this one: “Mama, why do cows have otters?”

And my newest quote from my second-favorite 3-year-old, “K”: “Can we play on the screaming porch?” That would be the *screened-in* porch if you’re *not* three.

Walking through the produce section, Jeffrey asked, “Why is it called lukemi?”
Me: What? Zucchini?
J: No. Isn’t there some disease…?
Me: Leukemia.
J: What did I say?
Me: Lukemi.
J: What did you say?
Me: Leukemia.
J: Why did you think I said ‘zucchini’?
Me: Because we’re in the produce section and there is no such thing as lukemi.
J: So it was a reasonable assumption.
Seriously? After all that and he says “reasonable assumption”? I should be used to this by now.