Deep Thoughts

Bennett fell on the sidewalk the other day. He was running downhill and it didn’t end well. We were talking about it today and I mentioned that it happened on a Wednesday.
“I didn’t fall down. The wind blew me down. Because it was Wednesday.”
Thank you Winnie the Pooh.

That reminds me of Bennett’s other “day” issue. When driving after dark, he would always declare, “It’s Moon Day.” After several discussions, we figured out that he wasn’t talking about Monday at all (we did talk about how Monday is “lunes”, so it was a reasonable assumption, to quote Jeffrey). Turns out, when it’s night, the moon is out, ergo it’s Moon Day.

Bennett has decided he wants to “do schoolwork” so I bought him a preschool workbook at Target yesterday. I told him he can do what he wants in it when he wants. He wanted to do schoolwork this morning while Jeffrey was working on his own. First I had to get B a pencil. Actually, he needed crayons, because the first thing he wanted to do was color. A few minutes later, I hear, “I need my pencil sharpened because this part comes off when I use it.”
“No, baby. The eraser is supposed to come apart as you use it, and we can’t sharpen that part.”
I dug out one of those erasers that you put over the pencil’s eraser, and he was happy for a few minutes. Then, “I’m full of schoolwork, so I’m done with schoolwork.”

We were driving yesterday and the GPS said to turn on “Dogwood”. Bennett thought that was hilarious (the “dog” part). Jeffrey asked why the trees were called dogwoods.
Me: “I have no idea, but shouldn’t all trees be dogwoods? They all have bark.”

Jeffrey: Why are all the cool fish underwater?
Me, completely baffled: Uhhh… Where else would they be?
Jeffrey: I mean deep underwater. Like deep-sea fish.
Me: I guess because all the fish you think are cool live way down deep.