Goals for This Week

What’s going on

Okay, so a new home and some personal changes equal a routine change. Before the move, I had more time to read, specifically to read physical books. And writing reviews wasn’t a big deal either. Now, it’s much easier for me to have time to read ebooks and I’m still working on the review thing.

I can still read one ebook a day, but my reading of physical books is going to have to be relegated to weekends for now. My reviews as well. I’ll be scheduling them through the week, but they’ll be written on the weekend. Which means you’re not likely to see a review this week. There will be several next week, though. And of course, more to come in the following weeks.

I will be posting more author interviews, because I think they’re fun and I like spreading the word about not-so-well-known authors. If you have a specific question you’d like me to add to my interview questions, leave it in a comment. It doesn’t have to be serious or earth-shattering. It can be a fun question. The questions I’m using now, I borrowed (with permission) from someone else, so adding new ones is no big deal. One blogger I follow gives authors a long list of questions and asks them to pick ten and send her the answers to those. Sounds like a plan to me. Except with my own questions. Or your questions. Whatever.

I haven’t finished the move from Blogger yet (there is some background stuff I need to take care of) so I haven’t written the planned post about my move yet. Which is why I haven’t yet mentioned Blogelina*. I took a fabulous four-week blogging course and part of the course is a year of free GoDaddy hosting. I was already looking at switching to WordPress and this perk made it possible for me to do it sooner rather than later.
The Online Class: Profitable Blogging for Beginners

Goals for this week

Monday’s post over at Blogelina was about goals for our blogs. I only shared three goals there, but it has occured to me that I will either get a fourth project finished at the same time or I won’t finish one of the three goals for this week.

  1. Write and post an actual review policy.
  2. Update my About Page.
  3. Retag my old posts. The tags didn’t come over from Blogger.
  4. Make a page (or two most likely, divided alphabetically) listing and linking to all my book reviews. Seems like it will be easier to do this as I go through the posts to retag, rather than going through them a second time.

There are so many other things I want to do to make the blog the way I want it. And I suspect there will always be something I want to update or change. I’m also open to suggestions; just leave a comment. (A contact form is on next week’s list.) But these are enough for this week. And by “this week”, I really mean “this weekend”.

*Disclosure: I am a Blogelina affiliate.