It Was Up There Before It Fell

Do your kids assign personalities to inanimate objects? Every stuffed animal and half the toys in my house have names and “personalities”. It could be creepy if I thought about it too much.

I was in the bedroom on the computer this morning checking to see if have any library books due today when I heard a loud crash. As it didn’t sound like a human body flinging itself to the floor, I was concerned. As I’m getting up, I hear, “Bennett!” Well that narrows it down.

Bennett had opened the fridge and one of the door shelves had fallen off. Fortunately nothing broke and I put the shelf back. Bennett kept saying, “It did it all by itself.” I’m sure it did, son. It happens all the time. (Not) That’s not the best part, though. I put it back in the wrong spot and he told me, “It was higher before it fell all by itself.”

When he finally told me why he opened the door in the first place, it was, “Because Moo-moo was hungry.” You might have guessed that Moo-moo is NOT a real cow. Never a dull moment around here.