Stupid Bugs

Why is it that the nights that Blake sleeps through, I can’t? Knowing I had to drive all day Thursday, I wanted to get a good night’s sleep. Blake went to sleep around 8, I think and slept until 5:30. I went to sleep around 9:30 and woke up at 1:30 to something tapping on the bedroom window. I was annoyed, but not worried. Our house is built on a full basement, on a hill, so the bedrooms are not at ground level. If someone were breaking in, there are many other quicker and easier ways to do it. I opened the blinds, turned on lights, turned off lights (because you can’t actually see outside when it’s dark outside and bright inside), and finally the tapping stopped. That happened twice more in the night. I never did figure out what it was. But it kept me from getting a good night’s sleep.

Kids get hungry on trips. For some reason, telling a baby that the next exit isn’t for another 30 miles doesn’t accomplish much. So I found this cool little thing called a SnackTrap. It’s like a sippy cup, but it has a plastic lid with flaps that baby can put his hand through, but can’t pour the food out. Nice theory. It took my 10-month-old about 3 seconds to figure out he could hold one of the triangle-shaped flaps down and pour the Cheerios out. At least it gives him something to do.

Despite all that, the trip went pretty well. There was no rain, traffic wasn’t bad, and it wasn’t cold. Driving by myself, lacking adult conversation, my mind tends to wander from subject to subject. I know you’re dying to know what kinds of things I think about, so here’s a random sample:

    • Apparently the junk you need on a trip multiplies exponentially with each child you have.
    • “Flea Mall” That’s just wrong.
    • Apparently the number of times you need to stop also multiplies exponentially with each child you have. I’m amazed people with three or more kids ever reach their destination…Actually, I’m surprised they ever leave the house.
    • Stupid bugs.
    • Jack’s such a good big brother.
    • I wonder if anyone ever goes to a Cracker Barrel just to sit in a rocking chair on the porch.
    • I wish we would get a little rain to wash these bugs off.


    • Why does Blake only drop his stuff on the side where Jeffrey can’t reach it to pick it up?
    • Whose idea was it to put the baby-changing station at knee level?
    • I’m tired. Can we stop now?


  • Wow. I didn’t know a Cheerio could fly that far.
  • Oh, good. There’s some rain. No, wait. That’s just a whole lot of bugs.
  • Jack better grow out of the over-protectiveness before he has kids or he’s going to drive them crazy.
  • WHAT is the DEAL with all the freakin’ bugs?