The King Tut Experience

After months of, “Yes, we’ll go before it ends,” we almost didn’t go before it ended. In my addled mind, I was sure the King Tut exhibit would be in Atlanta until May 25. Fortunately, I found out differently, just in time. I went online Tuesday to look again at ticket prices and noticed that there were no tickets available after the 17th. Did that make an impact? Of course not. I just thought that those days were sold out. The tickets are purchased for a specific day and time-window. So, Wednesday afternoon, I went online to actually purchase the tickets and finally see that it says the exhibit ends on the 17th. So, I guess going on Monday or Tuesday of next week isn’t an option…

Because of other commitments, Thursday was the only day that would work for us. I did get the Matinee tickets for $15 each (for Jack & me, kids under 5 are free), so we didn’t have to skip a car payment to go.

I went to the website of the Atlanta Civic Center to see what they said about parking. I’d never been there and wasn’t sure exactly where it was. The only thing on the website about parking was a statement that they have ample parking. Alrighty, then.

I left early enough to get there at 11:30 so we would have time to park and make our way in. Good thing. When we pulled in, there was a sign that read, “Parking $5.00.” Payed in advance. Guess how much cash I had on me at the time? Not $5. I had stopped for food on the way home from the museum the night before and had $3 and some change.

I asked where the closest ATM was and the attendant said there was one inside. No big deal. It’s not like I have to haul two kids everywhere I go. I pulled around to the front of the building and asked the very helpful security guard where I could park while I used the ATM. I got to park in a No Parking Zone. Cool. So, inside to throw away $5 extra on ATM fees, back out to reload the kids and park so I could unload the kids again.

When you first enter the exhibit area, there’s a short intro film. When the film is over, the doors swing open and you enter “a tomb”. Jack thought it was just so cool that the doors opened on their own. LOL He said he thought “an employee” would open them. Mommy to Jack: Please quit talking like you’re grown.

The exhibit is actually much more than just the King Tut stuff. It was pretty awesome to be right next to things that were thousands of years old. There were statues, jewelry, even furniture. One of the beds from King Tut’s tomb even remained intact, including the woven reeds. We can’t find a mattress that will last more than five years.

Our history lessons on Ancient Egypt had been pretty extensive and we got even more books from the library (Jack’s idea. He has a thing for pyramids), but we still learned things we didn’t know. Jack was disappointed that he didn’t get to see King Tut’s mummy in person, but he enjoyed the exhibit and said he was glad we got to go.

It took us about two hours to walk through the exhibit, looking at everything and reading about just about all of it. Except for the part where I had to carry SuperBaby for about an hour (at least it seemed that long), I really enjoyed it, too.

In the gift shop, we paid $1 each for little sheets of paper with hieroglyphics of the boys’ names on them. I’ve put them in a safe place since I know it will be a while before I remember to get picture frames for them…

If you’re thinking of seeing the exhibit in Atlanta, it’s open until midnight Saturday and 9 PM on Sunday. And bring $5 for parking.