Insurance Frustration

We seem to have a never-ending drama with health insurance. Mainly because between job changes and employers switching insurance companies, we’ve had about five insurance companies in the past year or two. Honestly, I’ve lost track. I just know it’s a hassle. And my kids that almost never get sick? Only get sick when we’re in the middle of a switch. I have to take Jeffrey to the doctor today, but our insurance switched on Dec 2. Guess who doesn’t have a current insurance card. Not the first time this year I’ve dealt with this, and it’s manageable, but’s it’s a big pain.

Add the un-helpful HR people we seem to always deal with and I just want to scream. Jay started a new job in November and filled out all the paperwork for their insurance. However, since his company has been acquired by a larger company, we now have to fill out all new paperwork and of course… change insurance again. All paperwork is due back at HQ (somewhere up north) on Dec 9. That’s next Wednesday in case you don’t have a calendar handy. So HR waits until the last minute to send the info to employees. It arrived today. Oh, except for Jay’s. They told him to just make copies of the TRIPLICATE forms. Yeah, that’ll work. Can you say “Fed-Ex Overnight”?