6 Twitter Auto-DMs We’re All Tired Of Getting

I don’t know who was the first person to come up with the idea of automatically sending a private message to everyone who follows you on Twitter, but it was a really bad idea, and has rendered the DM function almost useless. I know many people who don’t even check their DMs anymore because 99% of them are auto-DMs. The 1% that are legitimate messages just drift off into Twitter oblivion.

Twitter really should just ban auto-DMs. They’ve banned apps that auto-follow; surely more common sense can’t be far behind.

If you’re wondering if your auto-DM is annoying, the answer is most likely yes.┬áI’ve seen a few — very, very few — that were funny or clever. That’s out of 10,000 or so. (Just rounding here. I haven’t actually archived or counted my DMs.) Those are pretty low odds.

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If you’re still not sure, I’m happy to spell it out for you (and vent a little in the process). Continue reading

Kid Quotes (12/14)

B: You know how I’ve been grumpy the past few days…
Me: Have you?
B: Yes, when you weren’t looking.

J: Blake, get off my arm!
B, jumping back: I’m not touching your arm!
J: Yes, you were. You’re oblivious.
B: I am not!
J: Do you even know what that means?
B: It means I want to touch people all the time.
J: No, it doesn’t.
B: Well, whatever. I’m not that!

Jack came home from a weekend camping trip with a lovely virus. At this point, he’s had a fever for two days. Blake isn’t feeling well, either, although he’s in better shape than Jack.
B: I don’t think I’m gonna make it.
Me: you don’t? Oh no! Why don’t you lie down here and let me measure you for a coffin?
He giggled and I walked off make the tea he had requested.
B: Wait! Aren’t you going to do the cough thing?
Me: Coffin. Do you know what a coffin is?
B: It’s what vampires are in sometimes.
Me: It’s what we bury dead people in.
B: Oh. I didn’t know.
Me: I kind of figured that out. Continue reading