9 Stupid Things Christians Say

For several years, I was embarrassed to say I was a Christian. Not because I was ashamed of God, Jesus, or my own convictions, but because of the way other Christians acted. I’m not talking about obviously-not-Christian groups such as the Westboro group; even someone with a minimal knowledge of the Christian faith would know that group is more intent on spreading hate than God’s love. No, I’m talking about the well-intentioned, usually loving, Christian-next-door. However, I recently realized that if some of us don’t stand up and say something, people are going to continue to be pushed away from God and His love. We all know of Christians who have left the church because they faced too much judgement and harsh advice and not enough grace, love, forgiveness, and closed mouths. And I have to wonder how many have been on the ledge, ready to jump into a life with God, but the person who could have held their hand and mentored them in their new journey instead pushed them away. God is big enough to handle our stupidity, so there will be someone else later to help, but why should that be necessary?

So after much prayer, scripture hunting (to ensure that the Bible actually says what I think it says), and consulting with other Christians, I’ve compiled a list of stupid things Christians say. These are in no particular order. Join me as I invite Christians to open their hearts more and their mouths less. Continue reading