9 Stupid Things Christians Say

For several years, I was embarrassed to say I was a Christian. Not because I was ashamed of God, Jesus, or my own convictions, but because of the way other Christians acted. I’m not talking about obviously-not-Christian groups such as the Westboro group; even someone with a minimal knowledge of the Christian faith would know that group is more intent on spreading hate than God’s love. No, I’m talking about the well-intentioned, usually loving, Christian-next-door. However, I recently realized that if some of us don’t stand up and say something, people are going to continue to be pushed away from God and His love. We all know of Christians who have left the church because they faced too much judgement and harsh advice and not enough grace, love, forgiveness, and closed mouths. And I have to wonder how many have been on the ledge, ready to jump into a life with God, but the person who could have held their hand and mentored them in their new journey instead pushed them away. God is big enough to handle our stupidity, so there will be someone else later to help, but why should that be necessary?

So after much prayer, scripture hunting (to ensure that the Bible actually says what I think it says), and consulting with other Christians, I’ve compiled a list of stupid things Christians say. These are in no particular order. Join me as I invite Christians to open their hearts more and their mouths less.

1. Barack Obama is not my president.

Um, really? Let’s ignore the political and legal aspects of this and focus on the biblical. The bible tells us to submit to our laws and rulers unless they directly contradict God’s laws. President Obama has never required me to do anything that went against my convictions. I don’t agree with all his policies, but my objections are not biblical ones. And if you are a Christian, how can you not believe that God put Obama in office? I know you prayed for the presidential elections. And I’m sure rather than assuming you know best, and praying for a specific candidate to win, you prayed for God to put the best person in office and give him the wisdom to govern well. You did pray for God to put the best man for the job in, didn’t you? I thought so.

2. Being gay is a choice.

Yes, everyone I know wakes up one morning thinking, “I wonder what I can do that will make people hate me, sneer at me in disgust, and call me really ugly names. Ooh! And if I work this right, I can probably find someone to douse me with gasoline and set me on fire!” Come on, folks. Even in today’s society, exposing yourself as a homosexual is most likely a terrifying experience. They’re taking the chance of losing the love and support of their family and friends, and opening themselves up to a lifetime of bullying and discrimination. Who would choose that? How about instead of verbally slapping them in the face, you give them a hug, and invite them to church (if they’re looking for a place to feel safe — and you attend a loving church) or even just out for coffee or over for dinner. Being gay isn’t contagious. They’re not going to corrupt your kids. They want to be loved just like you and everyone else.

3. Keep Christ in Christmas.

Where to start with this one… Okay, we all do know that that Jesus wasn’t actually born on December 25, right? The Catholic Church took over a pagan holiday in an effort to tame the natives (so to speak). So, it really wasn’t our holiday in the first place. We stole it. But, we do celebrate Jesus’s birthday on December 25, so let’s work from there. If you’re reminding yourself to keep Christ in Christmas, that’s fabulous! If you’re talking to other Christians, that’s probably okay, too. It’s important to remember why Christians celebrate Christmas. But, you know, Jesus isn’t the reason for the season for everyone. And really, Christmas has become so far from a religious observance, it’s kind of ridiculous that even Christians are making such a big deal about this while stressing, and spending hours driving around to find the perfect gifts to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on.

I’m going to throw the “Happy Holidays” mess in with this one. There are several holidays in December, not all of them Christian. There are other religions, even in America (gasp). Even if you only acknowledge Christmas and New Year’s, that’s two holidays. Saying “Happy holidays” does not mean someone is trying to pretend Christ doesn’t exist. It most likely just means that they want to use a cheerful greeting that will make everyone smile. If someone wishes me Happy Kwanzaa, I’m not going to be offended, but as I not only don’t celebrate Kwanzaa, but am not even sure when it is, it won’t be as meaningful to me. If someone tells you, “Happy holidays” just smile and return the greeting as you choose. No complaining necessary. If someone else can take the Christ out of your Christmas then you have bigger problems than which greeting a stranger uses.


4. Put God back in schools.

Ah, hmmm…okay. Maybe there is some confusion, because the God I serve goes pretty much wherever He wants. The schools are full of students and staff who love God and no one is keeping them from praying anytime they choose. What was banned was teacher-led prayer. Let’s think about this from another perspective. If every school started teaching a Muslim (Islamic? I’m sorry. I’m not sure of the proper use here) curriculum and having teacher-led prayers to Allah at the appointed prayer times, I’m pretty sure you would be freaking out. So how about we acknowledge that there are different religions in this country and that there are some places that are not appropriate for organized religion to be in. But God doesn’t need an organized prayer group. You’re insulting God every time you say he’s not allowed in schools.

5. I don’t have to recycle because Jesus is coming soon.

I…what? First of all, no man knows the time. It could still be a thousand years from now. Humans will not likely still be here then, but still… Second, God expects us to be good stewards of the earth and the creatures on it. Piling up more and more garbage that is toxic to both humans and animals is not being good stewards.

6. God hates divorce

I have a couple things to say on this topic.

1) I’m sure God does dislike families being torn apart. I’m going to venture a guess and say that most everyone does – even people who get divorced.

2) If the person cares what God thinks, it’s a safe bet that they’re already aware of this, and don’t really need you to tell them.

What they need is love and prayer for wisdom and guidance, not judgement and your version of what God wants them to do.  I spent years listening to people tell me “God hates divorce” while I stayed in an abusive and miserable marriage.( “It’s the wife’s job to lead her husband to Christ” is another lovely line that’s corrupted and thrown out in such times.) When I finally started listening to what God wanted me to do and stopped listening to others tell me what God wanted me to do, doors flew open and there was no doubt that I was taking the right path. You have no idea what’s going on in someone else’s marriage. You just love them and let God take care of it.

7. If you just have enough faith, you’ll be healed.

Yes, God healed many people in the bible. But he’s not a genie and he doesn’t always take away our problems. Faithful Christians die.  Bad stuff happens and God doesn’t always fix it. Jesus begged for God to remove the necessity for his death. Paul knew that his “thorn” was not going to go away. My grandparents who were both very faithful and spiritual both died of severe illnesses. Saying this to someone who is already hurting is rude, mean, and untrue.  Another point here is that sometimes we have to stand in the gap for others. There will be times in every Christian’s life when they just don’t feel like God is listening, or maybe that they don’t deserve for God to listen. Remember when the group of friends lowered the man through the roof so Jesus could heal him? Yeah. Sometimes, you just have to help a brother (or sister) out.

God says there will be trouble —  John 16:33. He does not promise to remove the trouble, but to give us peace —  Isaiah 26:3.

8. It’s God’s will.

Raise your hand if hearing this has ever made you feel better after a loved one died or you experienced a major tragedy. Yeah, that’s what I thought. No matter what you believe, this is never the correct thing to say to someone who is bawling their eyes out. If your relationship is close enough, you just say, “I love you” and give them a hug. If not, then just say, “I’m sorry.” Hugs are optional, but will usually help.

9. If you don’t believe in God, you’re going to Hell.
1) The bible says that even the demons believe in God, so that’s not really helpful.
2) If someone doesn’t believe in God, they probably don’t believe in hell either. If you’re determined to convert them rather than just showing them God’s love and letting him work in their heart in his own time then you’ll do more good by just leaving them alone.
The bible does not tell us to beat people over the head with scripture. We are to show them God’s love, let his light shine through us, and in fact, if they are not responsive, we are to wipe the dust from our feet and move on. There is no nagging in the bible.

10. … You tell me. 

What’s your least favorite thing that Christians say? (Non-Christians are welcome to comment, and I respect your right to different beliefs, so please keep your comment respectful to me and my readers.)


64 thoughts on “9 Stupid Things Christians Say

  1. 1: First of all, if one does not support one’s president then he is not the president, to that person, in their mind or heart. Also, if a president does not live to Christian moral values then one does not have to announce him as one’s leader if one believes he/she is wrong – legally maybe but that is it. The rest of the first question basically goes on to promote Obama – you like him, good for you! Just because one prayed for a good leader doesn’t mean you got one. There are many people who vote that don’t believe in God in a true way that might have different views about what is good and what isn’t.

    2: Christians are not supposed to judge others but they are allowed their opinion if pressed. It is important to be supportive towards all people but this doesn’t mean one has to accept all behaviour as normal if not agreed with – this is assuming a person’s action behind closed doors are known. For the most part, we can’t know what another does or doesn’t do, or how deeply they feel something – the feelings a person has can be so engrained that they seem real, possibly? There are many arguments. We all have our crosses. Christians are meant to support and love unconditionally, for sure, but if asked their opinions are entitled to speak (with sensitivity and kindness). I have my own opinions about homosexuality and because I have known people who are, I have to be honest and say, that I don’t think these particular people were born gay, any of them, it suddenly developed, and so seems irregular and illogical as if something happened to them, some kind of crisis. And this is from life experience and sound assessment and an honest opinion. I don’t think it has been scientifically proven either way and until such time the Church normally supports all vulnerable people. I don’t come across many gay people being bullied but feel sorry for any that might. But I don’t think one would find many Christians bullying others, to be honest.

    3: The reason it is important to celebrate Christmas in the real sense is because this is why we have Christmas in the first place: Christ Mass. It is a celebration in witness and gratitude and joy in response to the birth of Jesus who has allowed us to relive this experience each year. Just because there are many ignorant people out there who think the celebration is purely about money and big presents doesn’t mean to say that the holy celebration should not be exalted for the right reasons – this is a matter of education. If pagans really knew the true happiness that comes in the gentle mastery of Christ born anew in people’s hearts they might wish for a slightly more holy Christmas themselves. If one doesn’t voice one’s concern over the issue then we deny others’ the chance to learn and grow in knowledge and love. If one knows something is true and good then it is one’s obligation to spread the Good News. We can’t ever force people but we can offer peaceful opposition to more pagan ways that do not grant people true happiness.

    4: There is nothing wrong with Christianity in schools. How else are people supposed to learn about God, or more specifically, Jesus?! For a Christian to not send their child to a school where Christianity would be taught is throwing a child amongst wolves. This really is relativism at its worst, otherwise. Sure, educate the kids about other belief systems too, but this doesn’t mean that one’s own child shouldn’t be guided with the knowledge that although truths might be present in one way or another in those other belief systems, that Jesus, specifically, is the Way, Truth and the Life – he is fully present in Christianity. In schools that acknowledge God, there He should be. God said that to lead any people, any child, away from Him will bring bad tidings, worse than having a millstone around one’s neck. Parents seem to think that children don’t need guidance but guess what: THEY ARE CHILDREN! Are we not supposed to look after kids, give them food, clothe them, protect them, guide them etc…because if so, I would put having them fully in God’s loving hands a priority over even those basic essentials. True, children can’t be forced to believe, the teaching doesn’t have to be tyrannical, but it can be gentle and loving and at least give them an introduction to the faith before they make their own ways. I think that if kids were educated in Christianity and prayed for they will find God eventually.

    5: Never have I heard that Christians say we shouldn’t recycle. It is widely recognised in Christian teaching that one is to love one’s environment. St. Francis loved animals and I’m sure appreciated the natural beauty of God’s creation. The first Genesis Creation story speaks about God blessing us – with responsibility on our shoulders – with one another, the animals and trees and etc… and also with the reality of Himself. We are to be grateful to Him, and for Him, and for His creation and one another. I think Christians are the first to understand this.

    6: If we look at sanctity of life issues we can clearly see that the world suffers because of relaxed attitudes concerning divorce and so if divorce is looked upon as okay in the Church then everything will slide as well. Marriages aren’t only about the people getting married, they are about the children needing a safe, secure and God-centred family set up. No one is judging your own case as each case is different. Jesus did say that who God joins in marriage should not be set apart but there are grounds for divorce in the Church and if an individual case presents the grounds as a reality in a certain marriage then what the Church declares as loosed, is then loosed. I think people’s cases will be heard easier in the future so that any people who find themselves in unchanging abusive relationships will have a case to present a lot quicker. Maybe people shouldn’t be so quick to get married and contemplate the religious life a bit more first (IMO).

    7: I have never heard Christians say “just pray and you’ll be healed”. This may in fact be true if one prays for healing, but God, first and foremost, heals the heart. It is true though that prayer can heal in the physical way also or at least delay death, but most regularly relieves the suffering person so they are at peace with their imminent ending in this life, and blessings can manifest thereafter. God works miracles through prayer and if someone does believe that God heals in even literal ways then maybe they have a particularly awesome faith and are not to be ridiculed.

    8: I’ve never heard Christians say: “It is God’s will”, as a response! I have heard Christian crusades in silly films and some fundamentalist Muslim fanatics say this, but not Christians…in the real world!

    9: True. However, if St. Ambrose had never preached then maybe St. Augustine might not have been converted by St. Ambrose, and his conversion maybe have been majorly delayed! This conversion was no doubt in response to St. Monica’s prayers asking God to find a way for her son to be converted. It is likely though, that St. Ambrose also lived a good life, so people who heard him believed in him and therefore his words, a bit like those who believed in John the Baptist’s preaching. Good works can never be separated from the preaching. Yet, preaching can come in many forms. I prefer the word: ‘sharing’. We are called to evangelise – to share our faith – but sure, not to enforce it, but to care that others find their way. And good works are also key. I don’t hear many people preaching these days on the streets but if I did I might listen for a while as listening to this might be a breath of fresh air from all the street sellers trying to sell company products and hassling me to sign up. Ultimately, the Christian is called to care, and this normally underlies their words or actions in whatever way they choose to express themselves. Preaching without action can be empty words but so too can charity without faith as people can do charity for a number of reasons and not always for reasons that also benefit themselves. Doing charity can lead oneself to God, but charity with faith can also lead others to God. I think we are called to witness from time to time and if the Holy Spirit is prayed to, a lot more circumstances and opportunities that one might mention one’s faith come about. Hell is not preached that often but is a real place and is a danger for all people and many Christians don’t talk about Hell because they are nervous of the idea. I don’t ever hear Christians condemn people to Hell. This one is from the history books. I just read millions of Christians, and also see very kind Christians, all trying to help others.

    In response to 10, I’d say that if Catholics say something annoying, well, so do atheists, and most people, from time to time. But to report on what Christians say specifically that are stupid remarks, I’d say that implementing a certain amount of discretion in response could be considered a virtue.

    • Phillip, thank you for taking the time to write out your well-thought-out comments.
      1. I actually don’t exactly support President Obama, and I didn’t vote for him in either election. However, while I do occasionally hear or read about Christians praying for our leaders, what I hear much more often is that they’re praying for Obama to die (that was a lovely meme on Facebook for several months) or how “he’s not my president.” The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders and accept their authority. My comments at the end are mostly sarcastic, because I know full well that most of the people complaining didn’t actually pray for God to place the best leaders in office during the election. What they prayed for was for the person they wanted to win to be elected. That assumes they know more than God, and I find that pretty arrogant and prideful.
      2. You sound very sincere on this point, and if you’ve really never witnessed Christians bullying or being hateful to homosexuals or transgendered people, then you’re either not very observant or you live a secluded life. You say yourself that there is no scientific evidence either way, so how can Christians be so harsh about it? Every homosexual I know has been bullied or harassed, and it’s almost always by Christians. I mean really hateful words, not just “I believe this is a sin.” I’d also like someone to point out to me in the bible where it says that homosexuality is the greatest sin. That’s what so many Christians are focused on, right? So it must be the worst one. Let’s not talk about gluttony or greed, which are epidemic in our society (even our churches) and actually harm people. I even had one person point out that Christians have always been persecuted and they/we continue to claim to be Christians. So why wouldn’t homosexuals continue to claim to be homosexual despite the persecution? Probably because that comparison is overlooking the fact that Christians have something to look forward to when refusing to back down. Claiming to be homosexual if you really aren’t doesn’t gain anything except hate and ostracizing.
      3. The “War on Christmas” fallacy has gone far beyond just educating people about Christmas. Many Christians are absolutely rabid about it, to the point of practically spitting “Merry Christmas” in your face if you dare to say “Happy Holidays.” If you live in the United States, you know about God and Jesus. You don’t need people snarling at you claiming to be teaching you about Jesus. I honestly think Christians don’t give God enough credit. He seriously doesn’t need us, and most of us can’t handle knowing that. We’re too prideful.
      4. Okay, so all belief systems should be taught and be given equal time, right? I’m all for that. If you’re saying that the focus in schools (not private homes) should be on Christianity, I say again, “Let’s replace that with any other religion and see how fast Christians start crying foul.” Nothing – NOTHING – gives me the right to tell someone else what they should believe.
      5. As I said in another comment, everything here is something I have actually heard a Christian (or Christians) say, either to me or in my hearing. I also asked around – to other Christians – for several weeks while planning this post. This is actually a common sentiment among those who believe Christ’s return is imminent. And yes, I have had someone actually tell me specifically that she doesn’t recycle because Christ is coming back soon.
      6. I’m not even arguing that the Bible doesn’t say that God hates divorce. My blog post is about the things Christians say, which is not the same thing. If you’ll read this post, you’ll see that I say that if a person cares about what God thinks (and not everyone does), then they already know that God hates divorce, and that is very likely what has kept them in the marriage this long. If someone who really loves God (and, really, most people who don’t love God) is seriously contemplating divorce, then it’s rarely an impulsive decision. They don’t need the judgment and criticism of people who think they know best. What they need is comfort, understanding, and prayer. Christians can do that for someone without compromising their beliefs. Not every situation is appropriate for a sermon.
      7. Again, things I’ve heard myself. In fact, this very sentence was what prompted the whole post in the first place.
      8. I’m wondering if you’ve spent time around many Christians. Or ever been to a funeral. And you’ve only heard “Muslim fundamentalists” say this? Christians, particularly evangelical Christians, say this almost constantly. I’m starting to rethink my comment that your comments are well-thought-out.
      9. I’m not sure what Christians you’ve been around, but I’ve heard this all my life, and even now that I’m not in a charismatic church, I still see and hear this. And really, if you just talk to any atheist or pagan, you’ll find out that they have heard this a lot. Again, this isn’t about what the Bible says or doesn’t say, or what I believe myself. It’s about Christians using common sense, compassion, and forethought before they speak.
      Perhaps I could have used a better word than stupid for this title. I did consider it, as this post was in planning for several weeks. In the end, I just couldn’t come up with a word that better described what I was trying to say. And it’s not “Stupid Things Christians Believe,” it’s “Stupid Things Christians Say,” and I think that’s an important distinction. Thank you for your comments.

  2. I agree that Christians say/believe a lot of dumb shit, but this list was pretty weak. There’s plenty of real examples of them saying stupid things that you could’ve listed. Some of these don’t even sound like anyone ever actually said them, particularly the “recycling” one. Good attempt but you could’ve gone much further with real examples of things they said rather than a list of things that some of them may believe.

    • As a Christian, I don’t happen to believe that what we believe is dumb, but you’re entitled to your opinion. The purpose of this post (and the reason the title is specific) isn’t what Christians believe, but the stupid, hurtful, and thoughtless things they/we say. And, yes, I have actually heard every single thing on this list with my own ears. They were either said to me, or within my hearing to someone else. And, when I asked around to get more ideas than what I had, I got the same responses over and over, and many of them were from fellow Christians.

  3. If every prayer is not answered then this Jesus dude was a liar..didn’t he say.

    “Whatever you ask In my name shall be given you,, I don’t see any, if, maybe, or only sometimes in that statement.. LMAO

  4. This has always been my “favorite” saying from Christians “You really worship Satan, you just don’t know it.” Really?? How can I, someone who does not believe Satan even exists, be worshiping him? That’s like saying Christians really worship Zeus and just don’t know it.

  5. Oh i forgot,I have 5..
    1. God don’t like ugly.
    2. Cleanliness is godliness
    3. The Lord giveth & the Lord taketh.
    4. The Lord works in mysterious ways
    & lastly the one that burns me..
    5. God has a plan for your life..

  6. What I question about any religion is how since birth we are taught to perceive the Author of Life as a man,we refer to “God” as He,Him,His..our Father, as if to say the Creator has a gender,more specifically only a male figure could design & create such a vast magnificent universe. We today fully understand the justification of how men thought back then & know far more,yet because the premise of religion is to first instill fear,we can’t move forward because we’re afraid. We do “good deeds” outta obligation,if Christian didn’t believe what they Believe out of fear,they would instantly question it. We have NO idea what happens after we die,and the whole purpose of religion is to provide that comfort,with a twist of course. Everything we believe we were taught as a child mostly,and wasn’t given a Choice,and was forewarned NOT to question it…or else. God is perceived as a Authoritative male figure & has alll the male vices,anger,jealousy,sadistic,cruel, an extreme disciplinarian, a perfectionist, very egotistical,has rules regarding everything & yet religious community take This as normal & raise no questions…that’s scary,..I passed myself..

  7. Is it in the bible? If god didn’t say it in the bible then its not true, oh real lyhuh? Im sure god never said anything about the planet of mars and billions of galaxies but they definitely DO EXIST.

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  9. I hate it when people say that gay people are a disgrace and will go to hell. I have known someone who would go on and on like that, saying that there is something wrong with gay people. She would always say that since I believe that gay people should be accepted equally and loved, that I have the wrong beliefs and there is something wrong with me.

  10. What I hate hearing is:

    10) Blaming the person who lost faith (Blaming the victim).

    I didn’t pray enough or the right way, I didn’t go to the right church, I was around the wrong people, I didn’t listen hard enough, I didn’t have the right Bible, I had the wrong preacher, I let Satan lead me away, I was never a True Christian to start with… the list, while not endless, is certainly nauseating.

    There are a lot of other issues I have, but that one there is a killer. Why people think that acknowledged imperfect beings are to blame for NOT being able to hear God is beyond me. If a child is calling out to a parent in fear and pain and the parent doesn’t answer even though the parent hears the child, is it the fault of the child for the silence of the parent?

    Should I have screamed while I was being abused? Should I have asked for more? Should I have asked for more blows to be given the children and less verbal abuse? Maybe there should have been some kicks in there, or maybe some hard punches with fists? Did I pray to God for help at the wrong time of day? Was I not humble enough? Should I have been bleeding instead of just carrying bruises? Did God ignore me because I wasn’t in the right church? Did the abuse not matter because I am just a sinful female and should have been more submissive to my husband, as the church is submissive to Jesus?

    • I also dislike this. While I do believe God answers prayers, I also know that we don’t always get what we want, bad things happen, and life just sucks sometimes. Saying that someone didn’t believe enough or didn’t pray enough or did something wrong to deserve what happened to them is cruel and untrue. And the God I believe in doesn’t want wives to be beaten by their husbands. Husbands are to love their wives as Christ loves the church. I’ve never heard of Christ beating the church.

      • I cannot tell you how refreshing ( and heartening ) it is to meet a Christian that isn’t a smug, sanctimonious, self-righteous, holier-than-thou, judgmental, crusty asshole who knows the mind of God better than anyone else that has ever been or ever shall be.

        While I no longer share your beliefs, it does seem to me that if more Christians were like you, the world would be a better place to live.

  11. “The Lord told me…”

    This is my favorite Christian phrase. If god didn’t show up at the Council of Nicaea (I or II) to set the leaders of his church on the right course, then there’s not a snowball’s chance in the Marianas Trench that he’s talking to individual Christians about their piddling problems.

    • Personally, I have to disagree with this one. I can understand how someone who doesn’t believe in God would feel the way you do, but I can honestly say that God has spoken to me. Not that I’ve heard the words or seen a burning bush, but with what you would probably call intuition or gut instinct. Of course, I’m not running around saying that God told me to shoot someone or cleanse the world of those of a certain race or belief system, either.

      • Really? God didn’t show up and speak to the men who founded compiled the church doctrines but left it to them to bicker with one another for two months (the excommunicate each other) and you think god is gonna talk to you about your piddling life issues? That’s incredibly narcissistic and astounding.

        • Actually, it’s quite humbling. I have no answers for why some prayers are answered and others aren’t, and I’d be lying if I said that my faith has never wavered. I don’t understand everything, and I’ve never claimed to. What’s narcissistic is assuming that because you don’t understand something or agree with it, then those who do believe it must be wrong. I respect your right to believe the way you do without calling you names or insulting you.

          • I am also an ex-Christian who used to stress myself out analyzing why
            god didn’t answer my prayers that were according to his will. Prayers
            the Bible promised would always happen if I trusted in him and made him
            my refuge “no evil would befall me nor any plague enter my dwelling” and
            yet I was constantly dealing with crime and abuse and even my house getting broken into, both in and out of
            the church (with various churches being the worst).

            When I prayed with
            utmost faith in Jesus and lived a life of strict prayer and fasting with
            a submissive heart even a basic prayer of god preventing me from
            getting into a car accident didn’t work and I got rear-ended within ten
            minutes. This causes Christians to A) wonder what is wrong in their
            spiritual lives and keep trying to repent over nothing or B) assume they
            weren’t praying right. But when this happens enough times I started to
            realize the Bible’s promises weren’t really true. “Whatever you ask in
            my name I shall do it that the father be glorified.” “If you remain in
            me and my words remain in you, ask what you will and it shall be done
            for you by my father in heaven.” No, not so much.

            What kept me filled
            with faith as a Christian was all the times my prayers seemed to be
            answered. And keep in mind I’m talking about basic necessities here.
            “And my god shall supply all your needs”. Again, not so much. “I have
            never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread.” Again, not
            true. Living a dedicated humble life of a servant and evangelist who
            was always at the altar interceding for others and worshiping, I did not
            have money for food and couldn’t even afford shoes for my baby. But I
            gave my tithes and offerings. Looking back I see it was the church
            putting me in debt and they never did anything to help me. “God will
            provide” they’d always say.

            Prayer, for me, was a lot like playing the
            lottery. Sometimes I seemed to win, other times it was nothing but a
            waste. I stayed faithful because I thought god’s ways were “simply
            higher than my ways” but, in reality, this couldn’t have been true if it proved all the other specific promises in the Bible to be total lies about things it said should and would happen.

            enjoyed your article as these were things that bothered me about the
            church the last few years I went to church. Also, one to add to your
            list is this: “You’re taking god’s name in vain!” whenever people say
            “ohmigod”. It’s a little “g” and people who make those judgments are
            forgetting they can’t see what is in someone else’s brain or assume that
            the person is even referencing the Judaic/Christian god, as there are
            beyond thousands of ancient world gods.

      • While God ignores others who are begging Him to soften their abusive spouse’s heart so the abuse will stop? Does God just draw names out of a hat each day of people He is going to help or does He just choose the easy jobs, like scoring a parking place for someone at Walmart or finding lost car keys?

        • ok God is God, We literally can’t comprehend what he is thinking. (On the abusive spouse thing, i would hope GOD would be like leave the abusive person rather than stay) Life is Life. What would life be if God did everything for us. I don’t necessarily think God helps me find my keys in the morning but it helps to ask for some help(makes me feel better)

          • Well if just asking and not expecting help makes you feel better, then why not just pray to a wall or your neighbor’s lawn as you get as much response from those as people get from God?

    • God told me to tell you he doesn’t like playing Telephone.

      Lol sorry. I had to throw that in there, cause that’s what I think of when people do this. Dude, I am sure this God person is capable of telling me himself.

  12. so i am a wiccan and i am always hearing that because i have a godd and a goddess i am worshoping demons. have also been told that people should go back to burrning wiccans at the stake.

    • I don’t even know what to say to this, John, but I feel as if I should respond. The bible does say to avoid demons and the occult (but if you don’t believe the bible, that’s irrelevant – I’m talking about the Christians – I’m also not saying you practice anything occult; I don’t know your personal beliefs), but nowhere does it say to burn people of different beliefs to death. Jesus did not ask what someone’s religion was before he sat down to eat with them.

      • Suppose you hear in one of the towns the LORD your God is giving you that some worthless rabble among you have led their fellow citizens astray by encouraging them to worship foreign gods. In such cases, you must examine the facts carefully. If you find it is true and can prove that such a detestable act has occurred among you, you must attack that town and completely destroy all its inhabitants, as well as all the livestock. Then you must pile all the plunder in the middle of the street and burn it. Put the entire town to the torch as a burnt offering to the LORD your God. That town must remain a ruin forever; it may never be rebuilt. Keep none of the plunder that has been set apart for destruction. Then the LORD will turn from his fierce anger and be merciful to you. He will have compassion on you and make you a great nation, just as he solemnly promised your ancestors. “The LORD your God will be merciful only if you obey him and keep all the commands I am giving you today, doing what is pleasing to him.” (Deuteronomy 13:13-19 NLT)

        • That’s the OT, and not from Jesus. Also, the phrase “have led their fellow citizens astray by encouraging them to worship foreign gods” is important. I have friends of different religions (as well as atheists) both IRL and online. I respect and love them as fellow human beings, and I respect their right to their beliefs, but we do not spend any of our time trying to convert each other to a new belief system. If you are truly friends with someone, you can find a million other things to talk about aside from religion. None of my true friends have ever asked or encouraged me to do something that was against my beliefs, and I show them the same respect. Yet, one atheist friend commented on Facebook once that I was one of the few people she knew who actually made an effort to do as Jesus taught. I don’t say that to brag, but to point out that I think *that* is how we are supposed to minister to people and spread God’s word. By our actions, not by preaching at people. If you are only around Christians, then you can’t possibly do what God has called Christians to do.

          • I disagree with the first sentence based on things Jesus said in the NT, but that is as far as I am willing to take that argument here, especially as it has absolutely nothing to do with your original post.

            You said: If you are truly friends with someone, you can find a million other things to talk about aside from religion. None of my true friends have ever asked or encouraged me to do something that was against my beliefs, and I show them the same respect.
            I agree completely.

            You are good people, Amanda. Good fortune to you.

          • you can but religion is a fun topic just like politics and debates , its something to stimulate the mind

          • I could think of better things to talk about that a dusty book that gives rules on how to sell your daughter to another man as a sex slave.

        • hey bro you need to realize that line was written in context, The people who worshipped other Gods weren’t friends with israel, so of course they are going to invade

          • Written in context? So you are saying God’s morality is relative? Well it is pretty obvious that IS relative, given that women speak in church, people work on the Sabbath without getting stoned to death and people everywhere in the USA eat shrimp and lobster on a daily basis.

  13. finally someone who agrees with me im 13 and i dont really like going to church beacuse the clothes is very uncomfortable and the churuches i go to takes forever to end but i love god anyone who would send there son to die for me deserves my all so on every sunday i sit for 30 to 45 mins read my bible and pray and most people say im going to hell………i dont get it

  14. I’m not an American, so we don’t have the “God not allowed in schools” thing, but I’ve read it often online. Thank you for your common-sense explanation which puts things in the right perspective.

  15. I love it when I get told that if I don’t believe I’ll go to hell. It’s kinda like a 5 year old telling me if I don’t behave I won’t get any gifts from santa this year.

  16. The bible is inerrant and infallible.

    Nowhere does the bible make this claim of itself. The often-quoted verse used by Christians is 2 Timothy 3:16. But this verse mentions nothing about being infallible or inerrant. It simply says that all scripture is inspired by God, or “God breathed”. But what is scripture? The book of Timothy was written at a time when the only scripture they had was the Old Testament. This is the “scripture” Timothy is referring to, not the modern day bible. Christians also like to quote from Revelation 22:19 which is even more ridiculous being that the verse itself is clearly is making reference to “the words from this book of prophecy”, not the scriptures.

    So the next time a Christian tells you the bible is infallible, ask them to show you in the bible. And if they can dig up anything that supports their argument, all you have to do is explain to them how they are using circular reasoning to argue their case.

    The fact is, Christians have decided on their own that the bible is infallible, and they have no scriptural evidence, or scientific evidence to support their argument.

    • Exactly. I have realized the exact same thing about how Christians say all of the Bible is god’s word, first of all. That scripture from Timothy is referencing the books they had at the time which was the Jew’s Torah and such. That was all they had. And even that does not say it is infallible.

  17. my firend said the world is going to end becuse of astrods and that when the world ends the waters are going to be filled with blood ???? im like realy?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  18. From someone who is not Christian, but used to be, I thank you for this. And, yes, telling me I’m going to hell isn’t very much of a threat since I don’t believe hell exists. 🙂

    • i find it very interesting to hear from a non Christians point of view…….i don’t agree with u but then again i do i am a christian but i just never believed that hell is in existence or if it is its not hoe people describe it anyways all the but i have a question for u….what do u believe is ur purpose in life also why are u here

      • Well I’m not the one you asked but I’m happy to give my thoughts on it. It kind of depends how you define what it means to have a purpose.

        If you mean why are we here then I don’t believe there is a purpose. Since I don’t believe any intelligent agent created life I have no reason to believe there is any purpose behind it. No disrespect but I think it is a bit egotistical to assume we have a purpose.

        I make my own purpose to enjoy my life, learn as much as I can about the universe and pass on our knowledge to the next generation. There is no evidence of any afterlife so we need to enjoy our time we have but also not to waste it.

    • @Matthew, I think jkldf offered “Evolution is only a THEORY” as their nomination for the tenth stupid thing Christians say. Which indicates they don’t believe that evolution is just a theory. Which kinda makes your comment another stupid thing people say on this page.

  19. It’s a nice piece, and a good idea (though there were a couple of backhanded comments). Honestly, what I’d like to see is Christians live by the one rule that the Christ taught: do unto others as you would have done unto you (the golden rule). Following that simple guideline would make the rest of this superfluous. But that’s just my opinion, which is no better than anyone else’s.

    • Scott, that would indeed make everything easy. Unfortunately, humans seem to be too stubborn and selfish for that to actually work. I’m not counting on this “fixing” anyone, but I did hope to open some eyes. When you know better, you do better.
      As for “backhanded comments”, I’m not sure what those were. My guess is the reference to Islam in schools and maybe some comment in the “gay” paragraph. Remember that I am talking to Christians who actually use these phrases, and addressing *their* mindset. As for the other, I honestly don’t know which line is an issue. I have no issue with homosexuals, either spiritually or legally, and I have close friends who are gay or lesbian. Remember, again, that I am talking to people with a certain mindset.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      • My apologies, I did not mean to sound terse in my response. As to the specific comment that bothered me, it was this one: “Good parents lose their kids to unscrupulous former spouses or out-of-control government agencies.” It seemed genuinely out of place with the overall tone of the article, very overbroad and yet oddly specific. Divorcing parents often use their children as proxies, sadly. That does not mean they are bad individuals, they are simply doing what they think is right in the moment – which can be viewed are unscrupulous at the time. Generally they are doing it because they are not seeing the whole picture (losing sight of the forest for the trees). Also, rarely if ever are government agencies out of control (I read this as evil). In complex organizations such as the government it is more likely that individuals are acting out of ignorance than malice. There is more stupidity than conspiracy in a government agency’s actions. I’m sure you had a good reason for using it though, it just seemed a bit stereotypical. However, I am not entirely familiar with the audience you are trying to reach. In general I think it was a great article, and definitely a step in the right direction. Please keep up the good work!

        • I suppose that does seem rather random, and had nothing specific to do with my audience. It was just something that came to mind as an example of “God rains on the just and the unjust alike”. Sadly, I do know personally of parents who have used custody and visitation against the ex-spouse, solely out of spite. It had nothing to do with what they thought best. As for social services, I am aware that not all are “evil” or mean, but again, I have personal experience with those who were. Well, not personal experience, as in my children, but personal, as in I was involved in the cases in some way, rather than it being “someone I heard of once”. In more than one state. In two of the cases, the social worker later admitted that they knew nothing was wrong in the home, but once they had removed the children, they fought tooth and nail to keep them out. Again, possibly not the best examples, and I’m sorry it was distracting.

        • I removed that line. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it just needed to go. I actually had second thoughts when I originally wrote the post, but chose to leave it in at the time.

    • You might find this site interesting. It’ll give you something to argue with Christians that they can’t refute. A Christian explains how you can believe in God and still believe in evolution. (Mind you, I’m talking about evolution in general, not evolution as Creation.) http://www.cosmicfingerprints.com/ I probably would have thrown one in about believing the earth is only 6,000 years old if I had thought of it at the time.

  20. I’m in the same boat as you. I am a Christian. I am often embarrassed by the actions and beliefs of other Christians. Even to extended family member i have to explain that so many of the aspects of the typical Christian are not actually biblical. If Christians could just act Christlike…. I feel that so many people have missed the boat. Christ said that the most important commandment is LOVE (of God and each other). There is no room for hate in love. Your post is perfect. I guess one of my pet peeves is that you have to be conservative/republican to be a Christian. Really annoys me

  21. I have NEVER voted for President Obama, but I STILL tell others that if you live in the USA… guess what.. he IS YOUR president….

    I too was stuck in that “God doesn’t condone divorce”, now I believe that the Holy Spirit guided me out when He did or my boys and I would be dead.

    For #10.. You can’t be a Christian if you don’t attend church. SO to some I am not a Christian.. That is their problem.. NOT MINE!

    • I have never voted for him, either. Doesn’t change the fact that he was elected. 🙂

      I believe that we *are* supposed to gather together with other believers (aka church) BUT not currently attending a church does not make you a non-Christian. So, yeah, I’m with you on your #10.

    • god dosent believe in divorce…..im 13 so correct me if im wrong ntn last forever love fades in my opinion men are men and all men will cheat sometime or another so personally i really dont believe in marriage but i dont believe in fornication the good thing is i dont have to think about sex or marriage for many many years

      • I didn’t say that God doesn’t care about divorce. I said that telling someone that when they’re in crisis is stupid. If they care about God, they already know how He feels, and have taken that into account.

  22. This is the absolute most perfect post in the history of posts. I agree with absolutely everything here. Especially “Maybe there is some confusion, because the God I serve goes pretty much wherever He wants.” I don’t presume to think I know what God thinks on any particular subject and I don’t understand how other Christians do either.

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