Kid Stuff

Jeffrey’s just full of wisdom & witticism this week.

Wednesday: He was trying to open his vitamins and after I told him the cap was child-proof, asked, “How does it know a child is trying to open it?”

Thursday: “Bennett is a refriga-raider.” Because the baby won’t stop opening the fridge and taking food out.

J: “Mama, I need some imaginary wood!”
Me: “It’s imaginary. Just pretend you have some.”
J: “Good idea!”

I was trying to think of the name of the cartoon character El-Kabong. I kept saying, “That dog with the guitar…” I finally came up with the name and Jeffrey said, “Mama, a dog and a horse ARE NOT the same thing! One of them can walk right after they’re born and one can’t walk until it’s two or three years old.”
Me: “Horses can walk right after they’re born.”
J: “I know, but dogs can’t.”
Me: “Yes, they can. Why do you think that?”
J: “I don’t know.” Well, that was helpful.

This morning he told me (again) that he wants to babysit when he gets a little older. Today, we have new criteria for baby-sittees:
“I’m not going to babysit babies. I’m only going to babysit toddlers who know how to behave.”
Um, yeah. Good luck with that.

And just to throw a Bennett moment in: He’s at the stage where he thinks that if he closes his eyes, you can’t see him. So when he wants to hide, he runs into the laundry room, stands with his back against the wall and scrunches his eyes shut. Shhh. I’m hiding….