Book Recommendations?

I’m looking for book recommendations. Fiction or non-fiction. Nothing with really graphic violence. I could tell you what I like to read, but it wouldn’t matter. I’m asking because I want to try new authors, new genres, new ideas. I just don’t want books that are going to make me cry. Making me think, making me mad, making me laugh, those are all okay.

Please leave a comment either directly on the blog, or as a facebook comment to this post. If you put it anywhere else, I might not find it later. This way, all the suggestions are together where I can get to them.

Thanks, everyone! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

7 thoughts on “Book Recommendations?

  1. Thanks, Judd! I'll check it out.

    Karyn: Wow! Thank you!

    I can't wait to read all these books! Think my kids would mind if I didn't surface for a few weeks? Yeah, me too. I guess I'll have to settle for reading them over the next few months. 🙂

  2. I just finished _The Help_ which I really liked. I also recently read through the Maisie Dobbs series. They are mysteries, which isn't usually my genre, but there is something different about these. I also like to read young adult fiction sometimes- recent favorites are _When You Reach Me_ if you like a bit of kids-in-the-city mixed with an edge of sci-fi- not a lot of sci fi, though- it's a hard book to describe and is a quick read. Another YA author I like is Laura Resau- the first one I read by her was _Red Glass_. I also really liked _What the Moon Saw_ and _The Indigo Notebook_ by her.

    Two more (not YA) I liked recently: _Broken For You_ and _Sing Them Home_ by Stephanie Kallos.

    I also like everything by Geraldine Brooks- her fiction is _March_, _Year of Wonder_, and _People of the Book_. Her non-fiction is _Foreign Correspondence_ (about a bunch of her childhood penpals when she looked them up later) and _Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women_.

    Some of these books may have emotional bits in them, but for me at least, every one of them ends on a note of hopefulness. I don't mind a bit of emotion in a book, but I don't like depressing, hopeless endings. Maybe one or two of these will sound interesting to you- I'll let you know if I think of any more.

  3. I just finished "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" by Susanna Clark, and absolutely loved it. It's fantasy, alternate history and historical fiction all rolled into one. It's part J.K. Rowling, part Jane Austin, part Tolkien, set during the Napoleonic Wars. I highly recommend it.

  4. In the past couple of years I've read several of James Lee Burkes' books (the Dave Robicheaux series) which are set in Louisiana. They are fairly gritty grime dramas which aren't my usual genre but he's a good writer and the characters are very intriguing.

    I also recommend two books by Dave Eggers:
    "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" (no, it's really not all that sad; I don't usually like to read sad stuff, either)

    "Zeitoun" which was really hard to put down. I sent a copy to Mary (CCU) who said the same thing.

    I also read "Look Me in the Eye" by John Elder Robison which is his memoir and perspective as someone with Asperger's. Excellent!

    "Ghost Walk" by Heather Graham is a very entertaining mystery set in New Orleans.

    "In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollan is a book I think everyone should read.

    "If You Could See Me Now" is quirky and truly delightful. It was written by Cecelia Ahern, who also wrote "P.S. I Love You" which I tried to read but found way too sad.

    If you haven't read them already, I also highly recommend "A Thousand Splendid Suns" and "The Kite Runner" by Kahled Hosseini.

    Does that help? 😉

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