76 Days to go!

Theoretically, anyway. I don’t remember pregnancy being this uncomfortable the first time around. Of course, I was 6 years younger. But I’m sure I was able to breath then.

I set up baby registries last night. Actually, I set up one with Target in-store on Sunday, but of course they’re scanners didn’t work, so I had to add items online last night. Of course, most of the items that I wanted to add are only available online. So my Target registry only has 30 or so items on it. Then I went to Babies R Us. In theory, registering online should be easier. But it’s harder in a way, because I would rather just go down the aisles where I can actually see the items and scan them. Online, it’s hard to see everything together and get a big picture. Oh well. At least this time around I know what we really need and what’s fun to have and what’s just a waste of space.

2 thoughts on “76 Days to go!

  1. Oh my gosh Amanda, I cdidn’t realize tis was you at first, LOL!

    It came up on my google reader and I’m like who’s blog is that?

    I guess this time is going pretty fast for you!

    Oh yeah it’s uncomfortable and hard to breathe and your feet swell and pretty soon you can’t see your feet so who cares if they swell 🙂

    I hope all is going well for you!

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