76 Days to go!

Theoretically, anyway. I don’t remember pregnancy being this uncomfortable the first time around. Of course, I was 6 years younger. But I’m sure I was able to breath then.

I set up baby registries last night. Actually, I set up one with Target in-store on Sunday, but of course they’re scanners didn’t work, so I had to add items online last night. Of course, most of the items that I wanted to add are only available online. So my Target registry only has 30 or so items on it. Then I went to Babies R Us. In theory, registering online should be easier. But it’s harder in a way, because I would rather just go down the aisles where I can actually see the items and scan them. Online, it’s hard to see everything together and get a big picture. Oh well. At least this time around I know what we really need and what’s fun to have and what’s just a waste of space.