TOS Review: Flowering Baby (Ages 0-5)

I’m excited to have the chance to review the preschool curriculum from Flowering Baby. We used the Four to Five Years level of ¬†Flowering Baby , but there are five levels available:

You can find samples of each program at the bottom of the page after clicking on the links above.
Flowering Baby Level 5 Flowering Baby is a full program meant for birth to five years that can be as structured or loose as you prefer. Lessons range from talking and dancing with your infant and activities to help develop his motor skills to preschool activities to learn basics such as numbers, letters, counting, weather, to practical life skills like basic Spanish (or any language you prefer), calling 911, learning his phone number, and sorting laundry or brushing his teeth on his own (well, maybe with a little help). The “lesson plans” are called “Guides” and they are just that. These are probably all activities that we would do come up with on our own to do with our children if we had nothing else to think about. In the real world however, we have a million things going on and we don’t always think of these things. I liked that, even while being a loose guide, it reminded me to sit down with my son and try new things. Continue reading